What are the differences between watching Spring Festival Gala in the cinema?

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With the Year of the Tiger just around the corner, this year, many migrant workers in cities still choose to celebrate the Spring Festival locally. Many places across China have introduced special measures to ensure that those who celebrate the Spring Festival locally can enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.The China Media Group Shanghai Branch cooperated with the technology bureau to hold a public welfare activity of “Celebrating the Spring Festival with Tiger and Vitality — The ULTRA HD Spring Festival Gala of the China Media Group enters cinemas” in Shanghai and Shenzhen.What is the experience of watching the Spring Festival Gala in the cinema?Flash version 9,0 or greater is requiredYou have no Flash plugin installedDownload latest version fromWu Qiong: Behind me in this theater, the China Media Group’s Ultra HD Spring Festival Gala will be live-streamed simultaneously.This will be the first time for ultra HIGH definition content to land in cinema line after the launch of 8K ultra high definition channel.CCTV reporter Wu Qiong: Although it is still early, audiences are already coming to the cinema.Among them are mainly city builders who are celebrating the Spring Festival in their hometown this year.Media reporter Wu Qiong: What are the special audio-visual enjoyment of watching spring party in the cinema?Take a look at this huge screen, so you can see every detail of the picture, as if you were there.Next is the picture quality. The audience can enjoy the super HD Spring Festival Gala of the Headquarters with the texture of blockbusters and the clarity and fluency on the huge screen of the cinema.Then there’s the acoustics, with realistic surround sound in your ears.News Agency Reporter Wu Qiong: The Spring Festival Gala has been celebrated for 40 years. Apart from watching it in cinemas, there are also a variety of cultural and creative activities centered on the theme of the Year of the Tiger and the Beijing Winter Olympics.At the gate of the theater, there is an interactive experience area for machine seal cutting, where audiences can create their own seals.The ultra light colored mud play area next to the seal cutting area is the favorite of children, especially suitable for parent-child interaction.There is also a calligraphy experience area, where the audience can solve Spring Festival couplets and write the word “fu” on the spot, and take their creations home with them.In addition to Shanghai, nearly 100 people will gather together tonight in Shenzhen to experience the charm of the ultra hd Gala on the big screen.Liu Yi Chen: Eating dumplings and watching the Spring Festival Gala have been the standard posture of Chinese people on New Year’s Eve for more than 30 years.But tonight in Shenzhen, in the theater I’m in, the gala will be watched in a very different way.Using 8K/4K ultra hd video transmission technology, the Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast simultaneously here.There will be 88 people in the audience watching it on the big screen.Whether it is the mechanical arm writing auspicious posts, or the robot cat wearing tiger clothes patrolling the field, fully embodies the temperament of Shenzhen science and innovation capital.Now we come to the screening hall where the ultra HD Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast today.You could see that the whole theater was beaming.In addition to the Chinese knot on the wall, New Year’s gifts for audiences have been piled up next to the screen and baby tigers have been placed on the seats.As can be seen from the spacing of the dolls, the screening hall today strictly followed the quarantine requirements, limiting the number of people to less than half of the maximum reception capacity, and the theater also reminded the audience to wear masks at all times.Liu Yi Chen: Why are there no tiger dolls in the first three rows?Most of the movies we’ve seen so far are 2K, which means tonight’s gala will be four times clearer and more colorful than what we normally see.The staff said that when they took the sample film to test, they obviously felt the visual impact of the first three rows was too strong, so they did not arrange the audience in the first three rows.If you are in Shenzhen today, you missed the gala and want to experience the charm of ultra HD and ultra large screen gala, what to do?Tonight, shenzhen has several outdoor screens in futian Central District and Bao ‘an Binhai Square, which will simultaneously broadcast the ULTRA HD Spring Festival Gala. If you want to go out after the reunion dinner, you can not only watch the Spring Festival Gala without delay, but also watch a better Spring Festival Gala.Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn