There is still a question mark over whether these new models will be available in the future

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The automobile market has always been updated and iterated. The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before. There is no latest and best car, only newer and better cars appear.There will be a wave of new cars in 2022, some already in pre-order, some already in mass production, and some still in the concept stage.Today, the old driver is going to talk about several models that are officially announced to be mass-produced and launched this year, but they are not expected to be models. As for the specific reasons, we will know after reading them.Hengchi 5 recently announced the production line, which is 12 days earlier than the original schedule, the new car will be the first production model launched by Evergrande, and is expected to be officially released in the first half of this year.Modelling design by Japanese designer Maruyama Gku, the front face is the standard new energy car – enclosed grille, Y shape of the day headlight design has recognition, is a bit similar to Ian Y.The side of the car is designed with high window lines and a sliding roof. Is it a bit of a Land Rover?Five-spoke 21-inch black wheels, this “big foot” is A plus, but the new car is positioned as A class PURE electric SUV, length, width and height are 4725/1925/1688mm, wheelbase 2780mm, such A large size of the wheel ring is not A bit exaggerated?The new car will be marked in the future Q3, BMW X1 and other models.There are also some orange elements on the car, which immediately make the finishing touch.The rear of the car did not use the mainstream through the taillight group design, but the application of split, lighting effect is also displayed in strips, calculate a little fresh.Interior for the one-piece screen, almost the entire central control is screen, with ideal ONE, LAN Diagram FREE these SAO operation, bring outstanding visual effects.H-smart OS network connection system is built in, which is comparable to the current mainstream “New Force” models in terms of human-machine intelligent interconnection.The interior will be heavily suede, so the texture won’t be too cheap.In terms of power, the official claim is that the NEDC range of Hengchi 5 will exceed 700 km, but judging from the current new car is only equipped with low battery energy density lithium iron phosphate battery, to achieve this range, the battery capacity must be at least 100-110kwh.For this level and the price of 200,000 or so models, the difficulty is relatively large.Now it is only the final assembly line, and the official mass production is expected to wait until August this year. Because Hengchi 5 officially comes off the assembly line, but the media has not been invited to report it on the spot, it inevitably makes people have some doubts.Evergrande has been in a liquidity crisis for half a year. It is still unclear how the new car will be completed and whether it can successfully achieve mass production, which may be the root cause of the lackluster response of the capital market.Yes, Qoros is still alive and makes a nice car. Baoneng is just like Evergrande. Hengchi and Qoros are their last straw.The new qoros model uses a three-section shape design language on the front, and the fuel version combines the large grille with the headlights.LED daily running lights use the shape of double blade, pure electric version of the car is changed into a closed air intake grille, looking more simple.The side of the new car has a segmentalized waist line design, combined with the rear sliding back style. If this design had been introduced a few years ago, I don’t think Qoros would have sold so much.In terms of body size, the new car is positioned as a compact car, with length, width and height of 4800/1874/1460mm and wheelbase of 2820mm.Such body data is also a very bright existence, but it comes too late.Interior details are yet to be announced, but in terms of configuration, the car will have facial recognition and personal identification accounts, as well as intelligent driver assistance, including traffic jam assistance, adaptive cruising, lane keeping, blind spot detection and more.The all-electric model will also offer a heads-up display.In terms of power, the fuel version will have a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 130kW (177hp) and a maximum torque of 260N · m, matched by a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox with a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 8.5s and fuel consumption of 6.4L/100km.The all-electric model will be available in a 52kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 72kWh ternary lithium battery, with a range of 450km and 600km, respectively.Whether fuel version or pure electric version has reached the mainstream level, the design is so beautiful, unfortunately, how good to change the car logo, you say?See here have net friends may question this car can find 4s shop to buy?Can you really go public?Zyoujia NV earlier released the official picture of its first model, NV. According to the plan, the new car will be in small-scale trial production in March, launched in April, and rolled off the production line and delivered in September.There are no actual photos, only official ones, and the front of the new car looks a bit like the Ford Bronco, with a dual-track loop of LED lights and a series of dynamic thick-wall LED strips.The rear-end styling, officially called the one-piece crater tail, integrates the side wing and roof spoiler design, with the rear wiper embedded inside the roof spoiler for a simpler look.The new car will also be equipped with a variety of color options, the overall color is dark, not the use of fresh color, which should be related to the positioning of the vehicle.The new car is positioned as a medium and large 5-seat SUV with a body length of 4915/1950/1750mm and a wheelbase of 2900mm.Interior details are yet to be announced, but the new car will be equipped with a 15.6-inch vertical center control screen and a 12.3-inch instrument screen above the steering wheel. It will also be equipped with its own automotive system, and software system is still under development at ING.In terms of power, it is built based on Gemini power module system and provides two options of pure electric power assembly and extended range power assembly. For details, please refer to lANTu FREE program.The new car comes standard with an intelligent four-wheel drive system that offers a variety of driving modes and a zero-hundred acceleration time of 5.9 seconds.Since NV swam home does not have equipped with advanced auxiliary driving, including laser radar hardware, in contrast with other new forces will feel less what, but the founder li yinan had said, “at this stage for the family, this is a better choice, is the least important of competitiveness, the most important thing is that we can bring something to the customer.”As a new force in car manufacturing, there is nothing impressive in design, configuration and assisted driving technology. You still say you don’t want to engage in advanced assisted driving. As a consumer, why should I buy your car?