The holiday is full of “five grid electricity” and “tiger” force to start again

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In order to consolidate the effect of “double reduction”, during the winter vacation, tanggu Xingang No.4 Primary School in Binhai New Area continued to grasp the “pain points” and “difficulties”, “know what they think, show what they need, and give them what they want”, so as to create a healthy learning and growth environment for students.Let the colorful holiday activities become a “charge bank”, divided into “five grid electricity”, namely study electricity, health electricity, art electricity, labor electricity, epidemic prevention electricity, students can participate in the completion of each content can be filled with “one grid electricity”.After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, Xingang No. 4 Primary School has carried on the top-level logic construction to the homework and created a different theme from the traditional homework.In order to make the winter vacation homework unique, full of childlike innocence childlike fun, greatly stimulate the desire of students to actively explore, the theme is set as “set five” tiger “, five “tiger” refers to the research tiger, yue read tiger, English tiger, tiger, art body tiger.Learning Chinese is not limited to idioms, but also popular folk stories.The teachers led the students to broaden their imagination. Through writing and painting, they not only realized the rich connotation of folk stories, but also discovered and created beauty in the creation process, continuing their unremitting pursuit of beauty.The English teachers recommended picture books with different themes, speaking, acting or singing, using different forms of “music reading tiger”, “literary tiger”, “reciting tiger” and “speech tiger”.Mathematics teachers are brainstorming, set up oral homework, written homework, comment homework, practice homework, error correction homework and other forms of work.Body electricity:Physical help neutralise, fitness to long accompanied by the footsteps of the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Newport four small to actively guide the women, full play to the role of the school education the main position, promote the students to have fun in sports, enhance physical fitness, healthy personality, temper will, developing students’ consciousness of lifelong exercise, physical exercise habit,Guide students to use a healthy body to overcome the “epidemic”, with sports enthusiasm to meet the Winter Olympics.The school has tailor-made the “physical growth Manual” for students, which not only enrichis students’ holiday life, but also helps students to take physical fitness as a “required course” in winter vacation, as a gift for the “Winter Olympics”.Art electric: ShuangJian “efficiency”, art infiltrating childlike innocence in accordance with the unified municipal education commission request, schools are trying to arrange students watch the aesthetic education practice at the same time, has conducted a diversity of art exhibition on winter vacation cloud, enrich the students’ holiday life, set up a platform for the display for the students, create a strong artistic culture atmosphere, promote the students’ art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development.Through the holiday, students learn to manage and study independently, experience the joy and significance of labor, pursue the beauty of labor, let labor become the most beautiful melody of this winter holiday.Students were given a star for each item in the labor practice list: 1 star for occasional participation, 2 stars for frequent participation, and 3 stars for daily participation;1 star for basic skills, 2 stars for proficiency, 3 stars for display and sharing.The sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted the rhythm of all people, students also use their own way to fight against the epidemic, strive to be a “little guard against the epidemic”, spread scientific knowledge of the epidemic, comply with the epidemic prevention requirements, pay tribute to the epidemic prevention pioneer, from the primary school pioneer, grow up to be a pioneer!At the beginning of the new semester, students have been full of “five grid electricity”, let’s start again with “tiger” full power!