“Sambo” Happy 8 No. 22089 prediction selected eight yards

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Sum value analysis: the sum value opened in the last period was 816, the sum value decreased by 7 points, and the mandian sum value of the current period was 96. A total of 9 groups of serial numbers were opened, and 10 groups of the same ending numbers. According to the formula algorithm, the sum value interval for this period is suggested to be concerned: 703-841.Size analysis: the size ratio of the last issue is 10:10, and the size of the last issue is flat. According to the size ratio trend chart of the recent 10 issues, the size of the recent code remains balanced, and the size ratio of this issue is recommended to focus on 13:7.9.Even;Prosperous;Odd-even analysis: the odd-even ratio was 10:10 at the opening of the last period;The odd and even numbers are even in the last issue. According to the parity chart of the recent 10 issues, it can be seen that the recent even numbers are relatively open. The parity ratio recommended for this issue is: 12:8;9.Even;Prosperous;11 23 26 37 48 49 53 74 78 11 23 26 37 48 48 49 53 74