Keep in mind the “7 points” and “4 acupoints” to nourish the kidney, strengthen Yang and warm the body in winter

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Hello everyone, this is Dr. Lee’s popular Science time.Approaching the New Year, but the cold wave did not stop.The temperature is relatively low, is still the high incidence of respiratory diseases such as colds, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such cold weather, cold can be said to be “everywhere”.This issue will be from the body protection, diet conditioning, acupoint massage three aspects, and we talk about the detailed practice of winter health.How does the body of seven points of winter preserve one’s health do a good job in protecting health care?The following seven points to remember: 1, protect the head and neck head and neck close to the heart, the skin is thin, blood vessels are thicker, are the human body heat, energy consumption is the largest place, the first by the invasion of cold evil.Therefore, it is recommended to wear a hat, scarf and a standing collar when going out to keep the head warm, which can not only block the cold wind, but also prevent the blood vessels of the head and neck from contracting due to cold, and has certain help to prevent cold, headache, cervical spondylosis and cardiovascular disease.Additional, had better not wash hair in the evening, wash a head to also should wipe dry with towel immediately or blow dry with hair dryer.2, the protection of the waist back waist for the “belt vein”, especially on both sides of the spine of the back is where the kidney.Kidney is the innate source of human body. It is fond of warm and afraid of cold, dominates human growth, development and reproduction, and is an important sensitive area of human health.The waist is connected with the back, and the back is the place where the human body “du vein” travels, which has the role of regulating Yang Meridian qi and blood.☀ good weather, can often back to the sun and bask in, the body absorption of Yang can be the fastest transport to the whole body, the whole body will be comfortable and accessible;The weather is bad, but also in the indoor hands rub waist to fever, can promote the blood circulation of waist back, have the effect of strong waist kidney.3, protect the abdomen of Chinese medicine has a cloud “back for Yang, abdomen for Yin”, the abdomen Yang at least, easy to let cold invasion, it is easy to catch cold.Once the abdomen gets cold, it will cause epigastric discomfort, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, especially women are prone to dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation and other palace cold symptoms.In addition, the navel is located in the abdomen, the most sensitive to external stimulation, is never cold.If you are not wearing much indoors, you can also wear a vest to keep warm.You can massage the abdomen more to improve the body’s own cold ability, or warm water bag applied to the abdomen to cold, solid gas, Yang.4, prevent myocardial infarction winter is the peak of myocardial infarction, temperature drop, especially to protect the heart and brain, the human body by cold stimulation, vasoconstriction, fibrinogen in the blood, blood viscosity increase, easy to form thrombus, resulting in myocardial ischemia, hypoxia, angina pectoris, serious myocardial infarction.Therefore, winter should strengthen exercise to improve immunity, indoor temperature is best controlled at 23℃ to 24℃, to prevent the human body is difficult to adapt to, easy to induce disease.Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should standardize the use of drugs that dilate blood vessels, improve circulation, stabilize plaque and prevent myocardial ischemia and hypoxia under the guidance of doctors.5, the cold season temperature is low, the human lung is weak, kidney Yang gradually decline, the human body resistance is weak, will let the cold in the air invade the respiratory system, so as to stimulate the attack of asthma.Prevention and treatment of asthma is the first cold warm, the key in the back warm.There is a fengmen point on the shoulder and back, which is corresponding to the two lung lobes. It has a great influence on the lungs. Asthma patients must not let the back get cold.Usually, fengmen acupoints should be properly massaged, each time not more than 10 minutes.It’s important to note that most asthma attacks are also caused by colds in the first place, so preventing colds can also reduce asthma attacks.6, cold bi cold bi commonly known as cold fenggu pain, equivalent to western medicine rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.This kind of bone pain is intensified in cold, and the pain is reduced in heat. It is because of cold that qi and blood are frozen, and pain will be caused by obstruction.When facing this disease, attention should be paid to the warm meridian dispersing cold, except the heat preservation such as hot water bag, electric mattress, can take rheumatism bone pain pill.In addition, it can also be supplemented by stewed meat. The method is to prepare cooked meat and stewed meat 10-15 grams. The cloth bag is fried for 2 hours, and then boiled with meat for 1 hour.The more serious, should be under the guidance of the doctor to take guizhi aconite decoction, chuan Wu decoction or use integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment.7, prevent stomach disease stomach disease in winter is easy to relapse, this is because the human body by cold stimulation after gastrointestinal spasmodic contraction, severe cases will cause gastric ulcer and even cause gastric bleeding, gastric perforation and other serious complications.Therefore, daily attention should be paid to stomach warm, can wear a vest to protect the abdomen;In terms of diet, we should eat fewer and more meals, choose light, soft and easy to digest food, abstain from alcohol, and prevent stomach disease.Winter diet four attention to diet, can follow the four notes: 1, pay attention to the appropriate tonic winter diet should be mainly tonic, should absorb some fat hot food, such as mutton, and with medicinal diet appropriate tonic, major cold is also from winter to spring transition period, diet and living should comply with the seasonal changes to make some adjustments.However, the amount of nourishing food should be gradually reduced thereafter, and the food with the nature of rising and dispersing should be appropriately increased to adapt to the rising of all things in spring.2, pay attention to “hidden heat” the basic principle of winter health should be based on “hidden heat”.Plant roots are warm storage of energy, eat more root vegetables, such as taro, yam, potato, pumpkin, etc., they have rich starch and a variety of vitamins, minerals, can quickly improve the cold resistance of the human body.Among them, radish, moistening the lung and invigorating the spleen, is the best health food material in major Cold.Those who are warm can eat them raw, and the delicious cold dishes are appetizing and refreshing.But the most recommended is cooked food, such as braised beef with radish or porridge with radish lamb.3, it is appropriate to eat food temperature divergence after major cold is the beginning of spring, connected with spring, so in the diet should also comply with the changes of the season, appropriate to make some adjustments.First of all, the tonic should be gradually reduced, the diet should be gradually light, that the spring of light diet to prepare;Secondly, after the winter solstice, Yang began to grow slowly, might as well eat more dredge gas machine and Yang food, such as leek, mushroom, mushroom, orange, grapefruit, kumquat, onion, ginger, let Yang like germination seeds slowly grow strong and healthy.4. Eat more acidic food in winter, the incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke reached a higher level throughout the year.In addition, some hypertensive patients with poor vascular elasticity tend to have increased blood pressure fluctuation within one day during major cold season, and many patients with chronic bronchitis are also prone to relapse of old diseases during this season.This suggests that we should pay more attention to the maintenance of blood vessels in our daily habits.It is beneficial to eat acidic food, especially before and after major cold, when cardiovascular disease is at its peak. Acidic food, such as vinegar, can soften blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular disease.At the same time acid food can hairdressing, for women who love the United States should eat more acid.In addition to vinegar, acidic food also includes apples and oranges rich in vitamin C.Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes health preservation and health care to adapt to the climate change of nature. Major Cold is in the forty-ninth solar term. In severe winter, we can benefit kidney essence and kidney Yang by moxibustion of yongquan, Taixi and Guanyuan acupoints.01 Yongquan point diagram source: Network Yongquan point is the first point of the kidney meridians, which connects the body surface meridians of the kidney. The high temperature and high pressure water liquid in the kidney meridians in the body is gushing out of the body surface from the other, so it is named.Often rub yongquan, can warm and tonify the kidney meridian, benefit essence fill marrow.Taixi is the original point of the kidney meridian, which can nourish Yin and kidney and pass sanjiao. To put it blunly, it is a “big tonic point”. All the symptoms caused by kidney deficiency, such as waist acid, dizziness, tinnitus, hair loss, tooth loosening, asthma, sexual function decline, can receive obvious effects by stimulating this point.Figure source: Network guan Yuan, is the storage place of the vitality, gently wake up Guan Yuan, so that the human body ready to start.Guanyuan acupoint belongs to Ren Vein, also known as the “innate Qi Sea”, which has the functions of tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang, warming meridians, regulating qi and blood, tonifying deficiency and replenishing loss, and strengthening vitality.Friends and relatives of the institute, welcome to like, forward punch, invite more friends to step into the army of health ~