Have overseas status is overseas Chinese/international student?There is another key point to note

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Obtaining overseas status is only the first step if you want to apply for domestic universities with the status of overseas Chinese students or international students.There is also a very critical issue, have you paid attention to?Before, we shared with you the related content about international students and Overseas Chinese students (please click the link for the article about overseas Chinese students;Click on the link for articles about international students).In short, nothing happens without an overseas status.However, according to the regulations of our country, even if you have an overseas identity, you cannot apply for a domestic university as an overseas Chinese/international student if you have not reached a certain number of years.So when exactly is the right time to start planning an overseas identity?The joint test requires candidates to have lived abroad continuously for two years prior to the gaokao, and in particular, to have lived abroad for a total of at least 18 months during the two years.Let’s take the current relatively simple and relatively large number of European purchase immigration project as an example. From the start of the project to obtain a European residence card, the overall time is about 6-18 months, the average time is about 12 months.So, want to attend overseas Chinese unifies to take an examination of, need from sign up (sign up in March every year commonly) before 3 years begin to deal with immigrant status, be in namely when the child junior high school graduates.After getting the identity, the latest in the second semester of high school to live abroad, after 2 years to sign up for the Joint examination of Overseas Chinese students, otherwise the time may really be too late.Of course, there are many parents who have two plans: while preparing for the joint examination of overseas Chinese students in high school, their children are studying in foreign schools to seek the opportunity to apply for prestigious overseas schools.If so, we suggest to apply for a local high school of high quality, such schools may also need to queue, so it is necessary to start planning earlier, from the registration, 4-5 years in advance to start the immigration plan is a more appropriate time.The international student application requires the child to have lived abroad for at least 18 months in the first four years of application.Most international students apply from March to June each year. Four years earlier, children must change their nationality by the second semester of the second year of junior high school at the latest.Tips: born and overseas, international students need to give up Chinese nationality, there are a lot of parents may be worried about the future life is not easy in China as a foreign nationality, actually this is completely different concern: if want to restoration of Chinese nationality in the future, as long as such students can apply for to switch back to Chinese again two years later, after restoring nationality will not affect the students’ studies and future career.The above are some of our suggestions on applying for domestic universities with overseas identity, providing a new planning idea for your child’s education. If you want to know more about overseas identity and children’s education planning, you can continue to pay attention to us.In fact, whether overseas Chinese or international students, or overseas students, children’s education is related to his future life development, only early planning can make a far-reaching plan for him, which is also what we often say: parents love children, far-reaching plan.