Baidu announced the launch of its radish Express self-driving travel service in Shenzhen, which covers all first-tier cities

2022-05-13 0 By

Financial network technology February 17, according to Sina science and technology news, Baidu Apollo autonomous driving travel service platform “radish fast run” officially landed shenzhen innovation highland – Nanshan District, for the public to provide autonomous driving demonstration application travel services.So far, Baidu has achieved full coverage of services to the first tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.According to reports, after the regular demonstration application of “Turnip Kuaizhan” was opened in Shenzhen, users can hail a car through the “turnip Kuaizhan” App to experience self-driving travel services. Nearly 50 sites will be opened in the initial stage, and the operation time will last from 9:00 to 17:00.The demonstration application route covers shenzhen Bay Mixc, Poly Culture Square, Talent Park and other core areas, which can provide ai travel services for surrounding living areas, business areas, leisure and cultural areas.In the future, the “Turnip Express” operation route will continue to expand, and it is expected that by the end of 2022, the scale of the travel service area will reach more than 300 stations, which can better meet the daily travel needs of local residents such as public transport connection and holiday business district pickup.