That we could live forever?Scientists have found cells that can divide indefinitely, 50 million tons

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Granulocyte human sea science and technology development, those who believe in ancient times of disease have to cure, medical ability got of the leap of tens of thousands of times, especially when the intelligent system to a certain extent, we will find that the human seems to have the prerequisite and foundation that transcends itself, if according to this trend, perhaps one day can go beyond life and death, control their own life,Even controlling life span might be possible.In fact, the secret of the search for immortality has been around since ancient times, when Emperor Qin Shihuang spent his entire life searching for a way to live forever without success.In fact, it is not difficult to understand, human development has not yet found a way to crack, let alone is not developed in ancient times.But times are moving forward, and scientists are finding new ways to live forever, and granulocytes are the key.The hela cell was officially discovered on February 5, 1951.People are not born with hela cells, there are many kinds of cells in the body, each of which is related to each other, there are similarities and differences, and hela cells are produced by mutations in the body’s genes.Black, harry towers, was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 30, at that time, cervical cancer is terminally ill, special treatment is difficult to have effect, the doctor George for this rack one’s brains, trying to find a new treatment method, so we hope to find a way to keep dividing cells, yes the cells in the body constantly updated, sustain the life of the flax.George took a small section of Lacks’s uterus and made it into a section called “Hela.” The section was no different from normal cells. Normal cells had a very low chance of surviving cancer cells, so most people assumed that Hela’s fate would be the same.But hopefully, when George as usual observation found that hella slice actually began to appear signs of growth, and growth speed, compared with the beginning has grown up several times, because the slice is in a test tube, so the growth of the limited size, believe that as long as give enough space, the sea may be able to grow bigger.This unexpected discovery has led to a redefinition of the human cell as a cell that grows unchecked and may change people’s lives.Hence the name “Hela cells”.Miracle Hela cells have now become the hands of scientists in the sweet bobo, is the darling of all kinds of biological cell experiments, scientists with the help of hela cells also successfully achieved a number of experimental breakthroughs, in medical research has made significant progress.Hela cells have been around for more than 70 years and have grown to an astonishing 50 million tons and over 18,000 generations, making them a vital ingredient in scientists’ laboratories.Hela cells have played an important role in cloning, cervical cancer vaccines and other fields, such as space research.Scientists have sent hela cells into space in an attempt to reproduce in too fast a weightless environment, and it’s worth noting that nuclear scientists have used hela cells to study nuclear reactions.Thus, the appearance of Hela cells has enriched human research in many fields, but the greatest help of hela cells is in the field of immortality, because the infinite proliferation of cells, if it can be applied, may enable organisms to achieve immortality.Eternal life?As we all know, human life expectancy has improved greatly compared to the past, from the ancient average age of 20 or 30 years to the present 75 years, has moved at the speed of light.But decades have flown by, and there are still some people who feel that such a short time is not enough to enjoy life.People are born, go to school, go to work, worry about making a living, and can only enjoy life in their later years. However, the health of old people is not as good as before. Many things that they did not try when they were young, they have no energy and physical strength when they are old.So there is very little time in life for people to truly enjoy life, which leads to the desire to live longer.People are going to die, this is due to aging cells, from people or, when the fertilized egg cell has been divided, proliferate, and in the process of growth, cell is in the process of aging and update, cellular renewal is the number of times, however, in general, as long as the number of times is used up, so a man’s life is over.But hela cells are a surprise, because they can proliferate indefinitely. If you had hela cells in your body, wouldn’t you be able to keep multiplying, dividing, and reinvigorating your body?In fact, the further the development goes, the more technologies and effects can be realized, but whether to realize them is a new topic.Take immortality as an example. What would the world look like if humans could truly achieve immortality in the future?Will we be able to deal with the problems that will inevitably arise when the population begins to multiply exponentially and resources become severely scarce?To sum up, human beings’ desire for life comes from instinct, which is for survival. We can understand that, but compared with the length of life, I think we should pay more attention to the quality and depth of life.