“Original” poetry yan from the bosom | grow old together, bitter, sweet and sour is good (feeling with her three)

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A lamp decorated xi married, charming like a flower.Each other know friendship, know the book of li kua.Two auspicious day married xi into the home, concentric watering love flowers.This life likes to be married drunk, labor always worry about her.Three bitter xin also can eat, children and grandchildren raise dream soul lead.Gan for the old horse heart no complaints, wax torch ashes tears.Four bright He Ceng Yuhuan, not empty pass.Now she is white, but still beautiful.Five tender love like water remember the heart, considerate affinity wins warm spring.Love as deep as the sea, the world of mortals hand in hand the most bosom friend.Six ruthless years of water east flow, spring youth gray head.Fending deep desire, nanshan hand in hand zhuang Xin swim.Seven plum blossoms with green flowers yan, the most is not leisurely.Zhinv cowherd is in love and lucky to be married.Eight (ancient wind) grow old together lead diligent, virtuous toil have mouth Yin.Serve three generations not tired, rarely forget oneself in the world.Nine love cut into the new house, lady good wife reputation.Sweet marriage, such as a round moon, love is long.October on the high-rise reflected early autumn, huang Mei a song to sing Luzhou.Mind who is a bosom friend, or a beautiful girl.11 tea tea a runxin tian, long aftertaste can sleep?Think of the youth how many things, lovey-dovey happy reunion.12 “Jiangnan – Husband and wife dream” husband and wife dream, hand in hand with eternal life.Three generations think crane life, a hundred years of good together see warmth.Love is true.13 “Reduced word Magnolia – to his wife” deep love fervor, hundred-year-old marriage, such as a round.Hand in hand embrace, the four seasons like spring xi Xing.Grow old together, bitter sweet and sour are beautiful.Always remember the original intention, and then celebrate the diamond wedding.Yan Conghuai, male, born in 1952, used to be the vice chairman of Hefei Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He has published 5 books, including a collection of poetry.