New Audi A3, the current car in the shop welcome to the shop to taste

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Audi A3’s front face still uses the audi family’s signature hexagonal air intake grille with sharp modeling headlamp group, the front face modeling is more robust.The car’s waist line runs from the headlights to the taillights, matching the proportions of the slender body and creating a sense of readiness.The lamp groups on both sides are raised in shape, and the raised lines on the hood make the whole front face more youthful and fashionable.The big lights on both sides are sharp in shape and look sharp. With the full and powerful lines on the hood, they create a very good sports atmosphere.The rear of the car is simple and atmospheric, and the taillight adopts the latest family design, and echoes with the front headlights of the car.In terms of tail design, Audi A3 uses a strong line decoration, making the car’s tail three-dimensional, looks very visual impact.”On the interior side, the new Audi A3 family still uses a simple interior style, and is equipped with an unknown inch full LCD dashboard and a 7-inch embedded center screen.On the AUDI A3, the sport seats are made of two-color stitching and leather, with height adjustment and waist support adjustment, as well as heating.The AUDI A3 has a perforated air outlet, a larger center screen and a rounded knob with moderate damping.The interior design of new generation Audi A3 is very concise and capable, and the visual effect is more relaxed and neat.The center console of the new car is slightly tilted to the driver’s side, which is more suitable for the positioning of the sports car.In the Audi A3 Sport, we can see the large black interior with the whole car.Full LCD instrument panel + central control large screen, plus HUD display projection function, more advanced driving experience.In terms of body configuration, Audi A3 standard equipped with electronic handbrake, automatic parking, engine start and stop, uphill assistance and other functions, while there are three driving mode switch, respectively for sport, economy, comfort, easy and custom.And this set of combination in the configuration aspect is also very generous, the whole system standard with engine start and stop function and uphill auxiliary function.Configuration, audi A3 performance is also commendable, like the head display, automatic parking, car networking, Bluetooth music, voice recognition and other practical functions are relatively complete.And when we open the door on the left, the calm and dynamic atmosphere of the hugging cockpit still envelops the car.This also means that if you don’t care much about specs, the A3 is a really good car to buy, and its power performance is really exceptional.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)