Changzhi bus group leadership to visit the Spring Festival stick to the post of cadres and workers

2022-05-12 0 By

Singing and laughing words old, happy and auspicious New Year.The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The Spring Festival is supposed to be a time for family reunion and sharing the happiness of the family. However, such a group of special people give up reuniting with their families and stick to their front-line posts in order to make the public travel more convenient, safer and faster.During the Spring Festival, the leadership of the group has always been concerned about the majority of public transport workers fighting in the front line.On the first day of the New Year, Wang Xiaojun, the party secretary and chairman of the Group, with his team members, went deep into the operation production stations, lines, station rooms and tertiary production units to visit the majority of workers who stick to the front-line posts, and brought them sympathy goods, as well as the most sincere greetings and holiday wishes from the whole group.Everywhere, Wang Xiaojun friendly staff talk with hold position, thanks to their hard work throughout the year, and carefully inquired about operating production and on duty during the festival, told everyone to implement various security and epidemic prevention and control measures, seriously do a good job on duty unattended, the safeguards in place, at the same time, reasonable arrangement work and rest time during the Spring Festival,Life and work should also pay attention to the body, encourage everyone to love their jobs, the courage to take responsibility, to protect, for the Spring Festival bus safety operation to provide a strong guarantee.At the same time, he expressed his New Year’s greetings to them and wished them a happy family, smooth work, health and happiness in the New Year.In order to meet the needs of the public during the Spring Festival, Changzhi Bus Group has temporarily shifted the starting station of route 1 to the east gate of Zhangze Lake Park since February 1st.No. 32 starts from the east gate of the Wetland Park and terminates at Zhangze Lake Cultural Tourism Service Center. The main stops are east gate of the Wetland Park, Zhaoma West Street entrance, Beihuan Street entrance, north gate of the Wetland Park, Shennong Lake Bridge and terminates at the cultural tourism service Center.Note: 1, ticket price: Road 1, 32 implement no ticket, single ticket system, one yuan on the bus.2. If you take The East gate of wetland Park no. 1, you can transfer to No. 32.Take No. 15, get off at Ze Xinyuan and walk to Zuma West Street, then transfer to No. 32.3. The specific first and last shift time, interval time and operation measures can be adjusted in real time according to passenger flow, road traffic and weather.