251 village doctors in Lianjiang took the initiative to take nucleic acid tests

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Liu Feng, a village doctor, gives a nucleic acid test to a student.Respondents showed their sense of responsibility by contributing to lianjiang’s fight against COVID-19.At present, lianjiang County has seen the emergence of a group of “rebellious” citizens from all walks of life who resolutely devote themselves to the front line of fighting the epidemic.The two-way rush is like a relay of love, delivering continuous positive energy and weaving the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control at the grassroots level.”Seeing that everyone is doing their best, we want to do our part.”, 14 rural doctors in Fengcheng town chose to temporarily close their health stations and take the initiative to fight the epidemic.In just a few days, 251 rural doctors in Lianjiang County have participated in the nucleic acid testing exercise for all their members, providing another “insurance” for the health of the villagers.”We are all doing our best.” “Party cadres and volunteers around us have already been involved in the investigation and mobilization of a large number of people. Seeing them coming forward, I cannot be left behind.”Lianjiang County Fengcheng Town Fengyuan Street health doctor Wu Zhihuang said.”As grassroots medical workers, we are duty-bound to provide public health services. It is our duty to do something for the villagers around us.”Huang Yuanxun, a doctor at the Jin ‘an community health station, said his reasons for temporarily closing the station were simple but firm.About 18,000 residents live in Jin ‘an, and rural doctors like Huang are particularly familiar with grassroots conditions after years of screening for common diseases of the elderly and taking their temperatures at home.”Compared with two years ago, we now have complete protective equipment, complete treatment plans, and the support of the government. I am confident of victory,” he said.Huang yuanxun said that despite the pressure of epidemic prevention and control at the grassroots level, he was emboldened to see that everyone was doing their best.At 9:45 on the evening of 19th, Liu Feng, a doctor from the Northwest Street Health Clinic, received a call from his colleagues.Fifteen minutes later, he was dressed in a protective suit and standing by at his nucleic acid testing post.”It’s a soldier’s duty to obey orders, and I want to protect my home.”Liu said he has been working as a village doctor in his hometown since graduating from the military academy.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has become the norm for Liu and his colleagues to go out at 7 am and take shifts in communities, stations and campuses wearing protective clothing until night falls.Despite this, several rural doctors interviewed by the reporter always said in unison: “Fighting the epidemic side by side, though bitter, is especially sweet.””We’re not the most tired.”In Liu’s opinion, Fang Musheng, a 79-year-old village doctor, is more tired than he is.Although he has retired for many years, Fang still carries out temperature monitoring for people returning from outside the town, and is also committed to the epidemic propaganda and education in rural areas.”You’re too old for that. You should retire.”In the face of the persuasion of the people around, Fang Mu is always optimistic and smile, the figure is still in the villagers need to appear.”Family is my strong pillar.” As a member of a family of doctors, Zhou Liqing, a doctor at Wenbi Community Health Station, has become the most tired one in the eyes of her family.I went out to take nucleic acid samples in the morning, returned home at noon to take care of the children after school, and then threw myself into the anti-epidemic work…As a mother, Zhou liqing may have more responsibility than her colleagues.”I can only eat steamed bread and clear soup these days, but my child always tells me that it doesn’t matter, as long as I have enough to eat.”Zhou liqing said that in her son’s opinion, being a doctor is the most honorable profession in the world.Look at his wife’s rush, husband Chen Yigong this time also put down the work at hand, with Zhou Liqing for everyone door temperature detection.(Reporter Wan Zhehua correspondent Ye Jianlong Chen Duo) Source: Fuzhou Daily