“Trend” Kantar Consumer Insight report released!Ten trends such as the escalation of social heat in circles

2022-05-11 0 By

(FMCG) Kantar recently released the Kantar ChinaMONITOR Consumer Insights 2021 Year-end Report.FMCG learned that despite multiple challenges, the Chinese market is still showing strong market resilience and has spawned many new consumer trends.ChinaMONITOR’s 2021 year-end report by The Kantar consulting team summarizes the top 10 consumer trends that will lead to 2022, which will guide brands to open up new strategic thinking in the year of the Tiger.Consumers tend to be conservative and stable, and their consumption concepts tend to be rational. The price awareness and sensitivity of Chinese consumers have improved, while their crazy consumption behaviors have decreased.At the same time, with the national advocacy of green, low-carbon, circular economy and other concepts, the new consumption concept represented by self-pleasing, restrained and sustainable will further arouse the rational behavior of consumers.Chinese consumers are still enthusiastic about social interaction and eager to “resonate at the same frequency” with groups with the same interests and hobbies.Express your personality through your interests and hobbies, gain admission to the community of interests, and accept like-minded individuals to seek mutual identification.The “grass” attribute of social media and the filter of the Internet make it difficult for consumers to distinguish the truth from the fake. They are more and more eager for authenticity and honesty, so as to gain more control over information and life and make wise judgments.Urban middle class and urban elderly groups have higher requirements for “truthfulness” of information and are more willing to make purchase decisions based on their own judgment.From physical management to spiritual healing, consumers open a full range of health management, external uncertainty and fast-paced life pressure, have caused a certain impact on consumers’ body and mind;The sub-health state of body and mind arouses the health care consciousness of consumers thoroughly.The problem of mental health also gets more consumers’ attention, and people begin to face up to the state of mental health.Close to nature, people desire urbanized natural life consumers gradually realize the comfort and beauty of being in the natural environment, and are more willing to go out of their homes, close to nature, and establish a close connection with the outdoors;Frisbee, skiing, rock climbing and other sports with “outdoor” elements began to rise, harvesting a large number of consumers.Returning to offline experience, pan-entertainment commercial space attracts consumers to stay in online channels and constantly squeezesoffline shares by virtue of advantages such as convenience, but people’s “shopping” needs cannot be satisfied by the simple behavior of “placing orders”.Consumers have higher demands for offline leisure and entertainment experience.Consumers embrace digital technology and embrace new technological developments. The explosion of the “metasverse” concept in 2021 has spawned numerous new opportunities.Brands from all walks of life have started to make an active layout in this new track.Consumers always maintain a positive attitude towards technological innovation;The urban middle class, who have higher requirements for efficient, convenient and quality life, always uphold an open consumption concept and try digital new products more actively.The silver-haired group is full of vitality and the silver-haired economy is heating up. The silver-haired group pays special attention to health and will guarantee their health through preventive consumption such as regular physical examination.At the same time, part of the silver-haired group broke the public’s inherent cognition and took the lead in upgrading their own consumption, paying for their own interests and novel experiences, and increasing their enthusiasm for luxury consumption.With the development of national strength and the promotion of traditional culture, Chinese consumers have established a strong sense of pride in traditional culture through their strong cultural confidence.With this kind of cultural confidence, people are more open and tolerant to culture-related topics, and more identify with their self-worth and charm.Good business helps the brand to break through the boundary and realize the ideal of “justice and profit” and the brand with both responsibility is favored by consumers continuously.Consumers’ recognition of brands is no longer limited to personal aesthetics. They gradually open up the pattern and pay more attention to the brand position and the related actions committed to the good society.There is no doubt that in the post-epidemic era, incorporating “goodness” into the business model has become a necessary option for the brand to achieve significant development.(Credit: Kantar Consumer Index)