This boutique private high school in North Winn, Canada, tucked away in the middle of the city, is a magnet

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Recently, many children who want to study in Vancouver, Australia, have come to find teachers. Vancouver is also the first choice for many parents and children. Then today, we will learn about this hidden in the downtown of Vancouver, near the mountains and water very cost-effective ordinary high school.Bodwell High School is a non-government comprehensive boarding School for boys and girls established in 1991.The campus is located in the picturesque area of Binhai County in Northern Wenzhou, one of the relatively safe and peaceful communities in the Greater Vancouver area.The school offers curriculum content for ages 8-12 and AP for academic research preparation, and uses small class sizes.The school is located in a very exclusive, quiet residential area in Vancouver, only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver.The two buildings of the school have a total area of about 850 pyeong for themed activities.There are more than 40 classrooms, including: public library, computer room, science laboratory, art room, rehearsal room and classroom teaching room.There is central air conditioning in the building, and its brightness and cleanliness will be your first impression when you arrive at your school.Students have access to fitness facilities in the surrounding community centre, including a sports stadium, indoor swimming pool and outdoor stadium. Students can use the school’s access to public transport or walk to the community centre to use these fitness facilities.Actual equipment: 1. Excellent and sound teaching equipment;2. Multi-purpose theatre, multimedia classroom;3. Public libraries with colorful books;4. Equipped with all aspects of arts and crafts processing craft classroom and laboratory;5. A fully-equipped cooking classroom;6. Indoor natatorium;7.2 standard sports venues;8. Outdoor playground;9.2 Restaurant kitchens, 2 restaurants;10. The dormitory can accommodate 550 students;…The university will provide the Required 8-12 class content required by the British Columbia Department of Education, as well as a high level of academic research and plastic arts.The school is dominated by small classes, with a teacher/student ratio of 1:11 and a tutor/student ratio of 1:80.The tutor will assist students in all aspects such as course selection and university application.General rich and colorful curriculum content for students to enter the university to lay a good foundation.Every year, most of the students in the broadfield 12 class get excellent scores in the provincial civil service examination and are accepted by prestigious universities.The PhD program is offered in three academic years, giving students the opportunity to study three years of secondary school content in three years.During the summer school year, students can choose to travel outside Canada and learn other languages.The school day starts gradually from 8:20 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Students can enrich themselves by gathering knowledge and engaging in a variety of thematic activities.The school focuses on shaping students’ abilities in all aspects of the workplace and prides itself on their outstanding performance in a wide range of industries.The Curriculum is designed to meet the Requirements of the British Columbia Curriculum standards for 8-12 secondary school students. 8-9: English, Social Psychology, Mathematical Thinking, Scientific Reasoning, Physical and Mental Health and Higher Vocational Education, Plastic Arts, Song, Business Education, Sports and Culture.10-12 Classes: Required subjects (different classes have different subjects) : English, Science and Rationality, Social Psychology, Mathematical Thinking, Plastic Arts and Applied Technology, Sports culture, Higher Vocational education, Songs.Elective courses (selected according to class) : Accounting, Social Economics, Management Ability, Social Psychology, History and Time, Physical Geography, Advanced Mathematics, Information Technology, Law, Chinese, Food Science and Nutrition, Social Development justice, etc.Because there are not many Chinese students in our school, we don’t have to worry about expressing the natural environment in language, and then we don’t have to worry about bullying incidents.Equipped with large quantities of language teachers and school teachers, language teachers can give our children early to do academic English, everyday English of specific guidance (also is to have students in China will be the teacher of Chinese, the vast majority of language teachers is a bilingual version, or all three) and schools also have ielts core the club’s official website,It can be said that it is very beneficial for students to improve their language ability;The doctoral study is closed management. Students must be on campus from Monday to Saturday, and the life teacher will strictly require children’s daily life and study time.Saturdays, in particular, are a time when children can take completely free elective courses, from language expression classes to a variety of interest classes, making Saturdays a magnet for students.Children have to wear smart school bracelets on Sunday to report to the school, and they have to return to the school within the required time frame, so the school takes security to an international level.The rate of admission that bo domain learns, number of admission of famous school also is very high oh, think water skiing that is not ok.The vast majority of university graduates go to famous universities in Australia and Britain, such as UBC,UWaterloo and McGill.The cost level is also very competitive (food, housing and training fees), which is equivalent to the training fee standard of China’s Royal International School (20W per year). However, the language expression of the natural environment is stronger, and the admission rate is higher, which can give children a faster comprehensive and professional natural environment.Authentic global course content is especially helpful for children applying to elite universities in North America.It is worth mentioning that there is a close cooperation between the field and Jillian, interested friends can contact teachers oh.If you want to know more news and information about studying in Canada, you are welcome to contact the teachers for free consultation.To learn more