Left hand for right hand, look at the list of Beijing soil patting, Foshan soil patting is like this

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The first round of 2022 Beijing land auction is finally coming. On the afternoon of 15th, the registration of 18 homestead enterprises has been closed, and the auction officially started on 17th. According to the online list, a total of 56 real estate enterprises or consortals have been attracted, mainly state-owned enterprises and central enterprises.Among them, China Resources signed up for 10, China Overseas, Greentown, urban construction, Poly, China Construction department and other major housing enterprises signed up for 6, 6, 5, 5.Private enterprises: the remaining Xuhui and Lu Jin, it is worth mentioning that Beijing land also set sales guidance price, is conducive to the demand, Hangzhou competition quality, this is the future trend of first-tier cities to land!In a word: private housing enterprises to shrink the table to clear the desire to take the downturn, debt reduction to reduce the scale of expenditure is the current status of private housing enterprises, interest rate cuts, 4 trillion credit in the short term can not offset the liquidity crisis of private housing enterprises and market pessimism.Back to foshan, needless to ask, the result is the same, the state central enterprises in the bottom, as for Poly, China Overseas, or Vanke, China Resources, Greentown, China Railway Construction, we wait and see!Next said several popular foshan plot: 01 big drain area, unlimited, unlimited great drain aluminum phase 2 plot introduction window: lake, near thousand lamp “drain laurel core advantage is an organic whole”, near lake thousand lamp, treasure to the commercial, school is here, near faults too embarrassed, peripheral transformation time long image:Highlights of Foshan Leju Dali Juhao Area: North Extension of Light Lake · Urban axis;Mature supporting · City landmark This land is also sorted by Poly, poly is estimated to win the probability!It is worth mentioning that according to the feedback from our fans, there is a piece of land opposite the Grand Hyatt Platform, which is also prepared by Poly, and is next to Evergrande Joy Mansion. Fans said that the staff is always secretive and afraid of leaking anything, so poly is likely to take it down too!In addition, the exhibition hall for urban renewal of the old Village of Luoxi near nanhai Eye also opened. The location of this village is really fragrant, and I feel that Dali will be the world of Times and Poly in the future!02 Guicheng: The total price is high, the unit price is expensive Guicheng Pingnansha base plot, the starting price is 6.09 billion, directly into foshan top ten, equivalent to floor price of 14,300, advantages: large, south to Wangjiang, binjiang road in the future, Pingzhou is close to Guangzhou, the boss of Pingzhou Jade Street does not have to run to three mountains to buy.Disadvantages:No rail transit site, near the surrounding villages, supporting business is poor, the big probability is poly and China shipping, stone block on steel market, is also good, early by China merchants shekou, tai fung thousand seal bay near sell 26000-32000, guangdong, 27000-33000, estimates take out price is not low, near second-hand has sold more than 20000,Poly and Yue Binjiang, Longguang Tianjing sales are good, the natural environment of the land is superior, Foshan metro Line 4 through the area, and set up two stations, as well as Guilin, Jihua, Qi Cha three business areas, especially ya Yi improvement has a lot of demand, of course, and guicheng guest’s great help, worth looking forward to!03 Zen city, Zumiao, Green Island Lake, Dongping Yungu and other beautiful to come according to good land network statistics, in 2022 Zen City planned to sell 12 cases involving homestead, the total sold area of about 422,300 square meters, among them, Zhang Cha streets (3), Shiwan town streets (3), Nanzhuang town (4), Zumiao streets (2).Hot land: Dafu Village, Nanzhuang Village, Huyong village and other village reserved land, as well as Jihua Plant plot, Zhen ‘an plant renovation project, water pump plant phase II plot and other renovation projects, which one do you look forward to most?Finally, what’s happening at The Grand Hyatt Terrace?At present, there are 4 and 1 buildings for sale at the price of 36,000-59,000 yuan. The price of 143 floors is about 36,000-38,000 yuan, and the price of 143 floors is more than 40,000 yuan. Currently, the quantity of goods left in the project is not large, and the 3 million pieces were sold last year.The most expensive four rooms of 195 square meters have been sold out, because the total number of units is less than 300, which is not enough for the local tyrants to grab. Customer group:90% big drain customers, all is the boss you live, the rest is thousand lamp lake poly and China shipping owner, such as day, thousands of lights one lake, Wan Jinhao garden owners, such as apartment here are sold more than 30000 last year, so the house must have to sell, but have seen their long distance between example, feeling standard with same day yue, no wonder local tyrants will move.Then the question comes, Line 28 has not been decided, there is no supporting facilities nearby, and there is no school. The municipal supporting facilities planned have not been started, and the location belongs to Dali. Can his price stand the test of time?Consultation or fact, welcome to pay attention to the public, the guangfo housing: to buy a house is not easy, I deep guangfo, ten old media, monthly dish 200 sets, familiar with real estate marketing pattern, with their real perspective, to teach you to see the guangfo housing development, the house is not only to live, is also used to value, hope everyone have a nice house, big house to live in.