Trent with derozan!The Blazers lost the deal!They could have won the future

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Toronto’s Trent shot better than 50 percent from the field for 33 points in a home victory over the Heat, marking his fifth straight game with more than 30 points.The last raptors to do that was demar derozan.Scoring at least 30 points in five straight games tied a Toronto franchise record.Trent has been great this season. I wonder how the Blazers would feel seeing trent play so well.Trent is averaging a career high of more than 18 points per game and is fifth in the league in 3-point attempts per game, making 39.7 percent of his 3s, making him a very efficient scorer.Trent has shown great confidence these last few games.He’s a kaleidoscope on the offensive end, driving, making quick stops, and pulling up 3s.In those five games, Trent and his team faced some of the top teams in the East, such as the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, and it is not easy for trent to score 30 points against those teams with tight defense.With trent and the Raptors’ players working together, the Raptors jumped from the bottom of the Eastern Conference early in the season to the top eight.The Blazers traded Trent last season for former Raptor Colin Powell, who also played well for Toronto last season and was prolific in scoring efficiency.He has performed as expected since coming to Portland, but compared to Trent, Powell is a little older and has little room for improvement.Trent, now 23, has seen his numbers rise and his efficiency rise since coming to Toronto.If Trent stays with the Blazers, the Blazers have the core duo of the future.The Trail Blazers are down this season and have little hope of making the playoffs.Lillard is currently injured and McCollum’s return doesn’t help the team’s record.But the team’s junior simmons has seized his opportunity this season, putting up career-high numbers.Imagine if the Blazers hadn’t traded Trent, what could have happened this season with Trent and Simmons as the core.Both players are physically gifted and not too bad on offense, with Simmons being a good passer.Trent, on the other hand, is more of a mix of offense and defense.That’s something Lillard and McCollum can’t match.The Blazers lost not only the present, but also the future.The team has struggled to make the playoffs this season, and developing Simmons in the future may not be the best result.Because many TEAMS in the NBA are double-core teams, teams need to develop at least two good young stars.If simmons and Trent both stayed in Portland, it would be great.Trent is in his fifth season, and if we look at his track record, trent is a steady improvement.He averaged less than three points per game in his rookie season and nine in his second.He averaged double digits in scoring from his third year and went up every year.The Raptors could nurture trent, give him more shooting power, and maybe trent could become the next demar derozan, a very good scorer or even an All-Star.Readers, what do you think of Trent’s season?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.