Special information | 2022 “GanZhuXuan” painter live time (in late February)

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If there is any temporary adjustment for the following special performance, please follow the spreadtrum live broadcast time issued by the public account.Zhao Jiwen, born in January 1964, a native of Weifang city, Shandong Province, has been fond of painting since childhood. In 1980, he studied in the former Normal Art class of Weixian County for further study. In 1982, he worked and studied in weifang Yangjiabu New Year Wood-block Prints Research Institute.He went to the United States for further study in 2000 and is now a member of Weifang Yangjiabu Art Academy, a member of Shandong Art Association, and a member of America China Asia Association.Zhao Jiwen’s creation is an artistic practice with landscape home as the theme. He has been learning from nature for a long time and has been thoroughly integrated into it. He strives to find the resonance between man and nature as well as between nature and spirit.Zhao Jiwen (landscape, flowers and birds, heavy colors) Zhao Jiping zhao Jiping, born in June 1958, has been fond of art since childhood, in July 1978,In 1994, he was awarded the title of Model worker by weifang Municipal People’s Government. In 2010, he went abroad for further study and has been a member of provincial Artists association. Now he is the director of Weifang Yangjiabu Painting Academy.Zhao Jiping’s gentle creation, suitable shades of color, scenery from far and near, as well as the closely linked brushwork, presents the beauty incisively and vividly in front of the eyes, warm and unique, with the beauty of artistic conception, is the representative of modern ink and wash painting.On February 20 GanZhuXuan painting and special Liang Lanzhuang (landscape, flowers and birds) Liang Lanzhuang Liang Lanzhuang, born in 1958, shandong people have been hobby is painting and calligraphy, highly accomplished, and a number of famous artists by the guidance, to gain many long, gradually formed its own unique style, the landscape painting of flowers and more skilled, continue to participate in national and provincial exhibitions in recent years, and numerous awards.Shandong province artist association member of shandong calligraphers association member of qilu ink painting research association, vice President of painting and calligraphy association, vice President of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese landscape painting analysis research association, vice President of national level artists GanZhuXuan is signing painter February 21 GanZhuXuan painting and special ShengWei sea (landscape) ShengWei ShengWei sea, yi qing xuan master, han nationality, male, born in 1971, college degree,Linyi in shandong province, have been fond of painting and calligraphy art, through LinChi ceaseless, works published in Chinese painting and calligraphy newspaper. “the calligraphy and painting of xihe newspaper. Journal of Chinese painting and calligraphy. And a number of newspapers in monthly bulletin of China painting and calligraphy, his works were” in the 20th century calligraphy works great book “. “contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy celebrity masterpiece appreciation” and so on more than 30 books.On February 21st GanZhuXuan painting and special Yin Chengyun (landscape) Yin Chengyun Yin Chengyun, linyi city of shandong pingyi, perennial engaged in ceramic painting work in zibo, graduated from linyi art school (liberal arts) in his early years, from linyi super artists, Mr Meng to diffuse, after learning in linyi art newsroom yu-lin su, ShiYunXiang learning after class study.Now he is a member of Chinese Artists Association.On February 21st GanZhuXuan painting and special Zhao Kai (landscape) Zhao Kai Zhao Kai eighteen soldiers began to draw, shandong jinan, shandong province artists association, member of shouguang artists association and calligrapher’s association, member of zibo ceramic art master, have a passion for art since childhood, in the army during the study of tianjin academy of fine arts, later have been carefully study in traditional Chinese painting, oil painting,His works are exported to Taiwan and other places. He has been specially invited to participate in the Expo for many times. Many of his works have been collected and appreciated by many art lovers.February 21 gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special performance Liu Bo (landscape) Liu Bo name: Liu Bo Gender: male Date of birth: October 4, 1981 Political status: non-partisan member level: member of Shandong Artists AssociationLinyi City artists Association member Chinese intangible cultural Heritage protection Alliance painting and calligraphy Art Committee member Zibo City artists association member Pingyi County artists Association director art specialty: Chinese painting, oil painting, ceramic art painting.Representative works: Yimeng Scenic Spot, Great Wall, Yimeng Spring Dawn, Yimeng Spring Dawn, etc.February 22 gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special performance Li Junjie (landscape) Li Junjie, no. Buyi Mr. Li Junjie, yuzhishan people.Born in 1969, a native of Cangzhou, Hebei province, he has been interested in painting and calligraphy since childhood. He studied in Hebei Lianzhou Painting Academy in his early years and was taught by Zhang Yongli.Later, I learned landscape painting from Chang Weizhen, a master of Shanxi Traditional Chinese painting.After years of training, a little bit.1996 advanced study in the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts.He has been engaged in the painting design of cloisonne, Tri-colored glazed pottery of tang Dynasty and eight diagrams insinuator stone.Now worship in the collection and calligraphy and painting industry has the “Chinese golden pen”, “Du Landscape” reputation, “painting leaders”, “painting and calligraphy masters” said Du Ping Du a little more as a teacher, learning scratching cun landscape painting.He is now a master of arts and crafts in Hebei Province.February 22 Gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special Dai Xia (landscape) Dai Xia original name Dai Xia, pseudonym Youxia, the road empty immortal, zhai Road empty pavilion.Anhui ma on shan, in 1998 graduated from anhui institute of electrical and mechanical dress design major, from childhood, be fond of painting and calligraphy in 2005 began to read little Lin feng by the research on the basic theory of traditional Chinese painting criticism at this point, took to the road of Chinese painting and calligraphy art, rangers with tai chi concept for the guidance of the painting and calligraphy art spirit, under the guru of taiji diagram,And established the “dao idle cut static painting and calligraphy creation system” to pursue the ethereal beauty as the art purpose.Works involving landscape, flowers and birds, figures, calligraphy.The painting and calligraphy style is elegant and quiet, and the ink is collected and clever.Jiang Jiyong, male, born in 1969, linyi, Shandong province, national first-class artist, member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, member of Chinese Artists’ Association.Graduated from Chinese calligraphy and painting correspondence University in 1992, since 1993 in Shandong Zibo City Feng Xia art fresco company work, engaged in design, painting production, lasting for 23 years without interruption.Works are good at Chinese painting landscape figures, works are sold at home and abroad, by many collectors February 24 gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special zhang Xianmin (flowers and birds, landscape) Zhang Xianmin, born in 1961, ancestral home in Liangshan, Shandong province.Currently, he is a member of Chinese Flower and bird Painting Association, a member of Chinese Artists Association, a member of Jinan Painting Academy, a painter of Confucius and Mencius Painting Academy, a director of Caozhou Painting Academy, a director of Jining Art Association and chairman of Liangshan Art Association.Early from famous, famous flowers and birds in the song, the brook Huang Quan wealth and seo hui wild escape and an organic whole, is deep green white pulp, deep in the eight and eight eccentrics of middle drag, JianXue zhao zhiqian’s pen, asks the thirst in xue-tao wang master mark, by the teacher for advice, skill, the day light employed as a painter by several arts groups, his works repeatedly won the award in both painting,And is well-known both at home and abroad and overseas Chinese collections, including “ba shade”, “lotus pond clear interest” is the great hall of the people and the United States embassy in China, works exhibition of the Shanghai world expo and the prize in 200, 2011 by the People’s Daily invited creation and published in the overseas edition of fragrant lotus graph, in the same year and the hue graph in the diaoyutai state guesthouse.Wang Yanfu (landscape, flowers and birds) male, born in October 1962, nanjing, Jiangsu province.Good at Traditional Chinese painting.Now he is a member of Jiangsu Artists Association, a director of Chinese Painters and Calligraphers Association, a professional painter of Chinese painters and calligraphers magazine, a first-class artist, president of Jianghuai Art Academy, and deputy secretary general of China Railway Army Painting and Calligraphy Academy.He has been interested in painting and calligraphy since childhood. After graduating from high school, he was engaged in jade carving and traditional Chinese painting creation in the original Qingjiang Arts and Crafts Factory.He is good at freehand flower and bird painting and traditional landscape painting.After decades of hard study, and xing Xiaolin, Pan Xiaoyun, Wang Qiyin and other famous painters guidance, its painting integration of the long family, the formation of fresh quietly elegant, natural and unrestrained artistic style.His works have been selected for many large exhibitions in China and won awards.Many of his works have been published in well-known publications such as Book and Painting, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Newspaper, and many of his works have also been collected by well-known figures and institutions in China.February 25 gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special xu Li (flowers and birds, figures, calligraphy) Xu Li Xu Li: Rattan Lotus Lay!Vice president of Shandong Branch of China Academy of Painting, vice president of Qilu Academy of Painting and Calligraphy of Leading cadres in China, deputy director of art Creation Center of Chinese Painter association, senior painter of Beijing Jincheng Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, senior academician of Xi Zhi Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, vice president of Jinan Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, director of Jinan Writers Association.Xu Li, no. Teng Lian, born in Linyi, Dezhou, Shandong Province, in the 1970s, love painting and calligraphy since childhood, has been studying in Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts, China Academy of Art department of Traditional Chinese painting, his works have participated in domestic and foreign exhibitions and awards, into a number of books and publications.On February 26 GanZhuXuan art academy special LuChengLiang (landscape) LuChengLiang LuChengLiang, born in 1969, graduated from the fine arts department of shandong normal university, high research class graduation from tsinghua university academy of fine arts, for many academies in shandong province, shandong artists association, the Chinese artists association, such as holding exhibitions, events, work and resume biography dozens of dictionaries,Published in “Chinese ink art Newspaper”, “People’s Art Newspaper”, “China celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Newspaper”, “Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Newspaper”, Hong Kong Tourism economy channel, Shandong SATELLITE TV broadcast documentary, published “Children learn Chinese painting”, “Lu Chengliang Chinese painting works”, “Chinese contemporary artist – Lu Chengliang book and painting scroll”.Bi Yanbao, original name: Bi Yanbao, word: Qingquan, is a famous Chinese painter.Born in 1983 in Yiyuan County, Shandong Province.Now live in lushan mountain bank, yi River source.Buddhist disciples lay at home.Currently, he is a member of Shandong Artists Association, a national first-class artist, a member of Chinese Poetry Association, an assistant researcher of Beijing Huaxia Poetry Association, vice president of Qilu Calligrapher and Painter Association, and a member of Zibo Artists Association.Chen Xiandong, born in Tai ‘an, Shandong province, graduated from Qingdao Art school in 1987.After graduation, engaged in ceramic arts and crafts creation.He has more than 30 years of experience in Chinese painting creation, and is now a member of Tai ‘an Painting and Calligraphy Association.The landscape is magnificent and vivid, the peaks are tall and straight, the smoke is filled, the clouds are green and green, and the artistic conception is fresh.Rock head water, old trees clumped.See the work with the pen container, the color is clear.Dai Jiguang (landscape) Dai Jiguang, born in Xuanhua Ancient City on August 30, 1963, is a national first-class artist.He is a member of the National Culture and art Elite Library of the Ministry of Culture of China.Chinese culture into ten thousand cultural propaganda center contract painter.Beijing Songzhuang Dachao Art District, Academy Chinese contract painter, shandong Ganzhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy contract painter, Shandong Qingzhou Hanmo media contract painter.He is now a member of Hebei Artists Association, standing director of Zhangjiakou Artists Association, chairman of Xuanhua Artists Association gan Zhuxuan calligraphy and Painting Academy special performance on February 27 zhao Baozeng (landscape) Zhao Baozeng zibo calligraphers and painters Association member.Born during 1958 in paper studied BanYang earth, have been like painting and calligraphy, Chinese painting and calligraphy correspondence college graduate in 1985, after wandering tour hillside green water freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, by a number of master of art, artistic attainments increasingly deep, works published in Chinese painting and calligraphy newspaper, the qilu evening news “and other national, provincial and municipal professional journals.It has won the first prize of “Beautiful China Trip Red Yimeng Cup” — the national Painting and Calligraphy Invitational Exhibition, and the fourth gold prize of the National Elderly Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.In the 2017 Annual Selection of Chinese Style Era, he was awarded the title of “Chinese Era Moral and artistic Double xin Artist”.His works are both elegant and popular, eclectic, bold innovation of Chinese painting brush and ink skills, while maintaining his own unique style, his works are collected by the majority of friends and calligraphy and painting collectors at home and abroad, is a rare Chinese painting art works.February 28 Gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special wang Jinghai (landscape) Wang Jinghai, the word geng Hai was born in 1955 In Anqiu City, Weifang, Shandong province, professional painter, love calligraphy and painting since childhood, graduated from the Chinese correspondence school of Traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy from Huang Tingjian, Wang Duo, Traditional Chinese painting from Huang Binhong.Over the decades, he has continuously explored and formed a style of epigraph and simple simplicity. His works have been collected by calligraphy and painting lovers at home and abroad.February 27th gan Zhuxuan Calligraphy and Painting Academy special performance Huang Yun (flowers and birds, landscape) Huang Yun female, jiangsu Huai ‘an city.Good at Traditional Chinese painting.He is now a member of Guangxi Artists Association. He loves painting and calligraphy since childhood and is good at freehand flower-and-bird painting and traditional landscape painting.After decades of hard study, and xing Xiaolin, Pan Xiaoyun, Wang Qiyin and other famous painters guidance, its painting integration of the long family, the formation of fresh quietly elegant, natural and unrestrained artistic style.Many works have also been collected by well-known figures and institutions in China.Xin Zongxuan, national first-class artist, member of Hebei Artists Association, member of Chinese Artists Association.Mr. Xin Zongxuan created landscape painting, using traditional techniques combined with the nature of physical sketching, his art style is unique, magnificent, vivid ink and charm, has the value of collection.He was born on February 26, 1974, at the foot of Taihang Mountain in Weiwei, Hebei province. His family was poor from childhood, but he loved painting.From “Mustard Seed Garden” began to copy traditional landscape painting for many years, and later studied landscape painting under master Shi Yunxiang, with Shi Yunxiang in Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts.Mr. Shi Yunxiang is a professional painter of contemporary landscape painting.His works have won awards many times. Many students follow Shi Yunxiang, and Xin Zongxuan is also his favorite student.In the future, Xin Zongxuan is also a contemporary landscape painting master. His works have appreciation space and collection value. The hometown of painting and calligraphy see Qingzhou, Qingzhou Painting and calligraphy Gan Zhuxuan.In 2020 alone, gan zhuxuan’s shipments of calligraphy and painting exceeded 5 million yuan, with an average monthly sales of more than 12,000 calligraphy and painting pieces.In addition to the studio fans, many well-known gallery operators will also come to gan Zhuxuan to buy calligraphy and painting.Part.1 Art level We will continue to open multiple channels for young and middle-aged artist galleries and collectors to collect excellent art works.Part.2 Consumer level We will adopt a new Internet thinking, launched a variety of characteristic activities, through easy-to-understand explanation, lively and interesting videos, high-quality physical products.So that the traditional painting and calligraphy industry is no longer traditional, can be more close to the public life, so that the traditional art industry is no longer high, more down-to-earth, so that friends inside and outside the industry can understand, like and participate in the development of our art industry.