Good news!Barcelona solve two problems: the most promising player free extension;Rookie completes player registration

2022-05-10 0 By

The 2022 soap opera about Barcelona’s purge of players and rookie registrations finally came to an end on Jan 10, Beijing time.Umtiti and Barcelona have agreed to extend his contract until 2026, according to a Barcelona official.Umtiti joined Barca in 2016 and signed a five-year contract worth around 12 million euros in 2018.In the deal, Barca will also pay Umtiti a total of 18 million euros for one and a half years.Umtiti will be paid 18 million euros in installments instead of a total salary increase.In other words, umtiti will play for Barcelona for free for the last three years of his new contract, which would have taken him four and a half years to earn.In fact, barca originally wanted to sell Umtiti completely in order to complete the registration of ferran Torres, but the player was reluctant to leave the club, so the free contract was agreed.As a result, Barcelona have completed the registration of Ferran Torres, with the salary space left by Philippe Coutinho’s loan move to Aston Villa.According to the latest news, ferran – torres has completed the registration of players.