Gac Toyota Sa comprehensive store, get under the focus

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Gac Toyota Sa has been in the store from March 26 to 27. From the early order, which car attracts the most people?Let’s talk a little bit more about this car.Gac Toyota Visa is equipped with two sets of 2.0L and 2.5L dual engines, providing two kinds of four-wheel drive options, the luxury version, the distinguished version, the supreme version of a total of 6 models, the price range is 216,800 to 303,800 yuan.At present, in the first batch of orders, double engine orders accounted for 53%, the top with four-wheel drive orders accounted for 47%, which shows that we are concerned about this car is still very concerned about fuel consumption and luxury configuration.The body length, width and height of Visa is 4780mm/1855mm/1660mm, and the wheelbase is 2690mm.The shape of the front of the car is different from that of previous Toyota cars, especially the “X” shape of the front face, more three-dimensional sense.In fact, the rear of the car is a more colorful place, the horizontal width of the visual sense.Toyota tried to make the car more luxurious.For example, sound insulation.Around the body instrument panel, fender lining, door interior panel, under the luggage compartment, around the tail door and other parts, add a lot of sound insulation materials.In addition, the optimized arrangement of sound-absorbing materials in the engine compartment to suppress engine noise;Adjust the thickness of sound-absorbing material on the front panel, and fill the holes and gaps of parts as far as possible;Increase the coverage area of floor vibration isolation layer and optimize local thickness.The whole car window glass adopts thickening design, and the front side window of high-matching models adopts double-layer noise reduction glass, and the door frame seals are added to reduce wind noise and achieve excellent calm performance without being affected by driving.Tactile, a large area of leather wrapped instrument panel, central console, inner door panel and other accessible places, steering wheel, shift lever, door handrails are covered with leather fabrics;The central armrest of saddle modelling is covered with thick leather, forming a three-dimensional curved surface with heavy feeling, making simple sense more plump.Visa interior is decorated with chrome plating, piano paint and long stitching.The driver’s seat and the passenger seat are ventilated and heated.The car is also equipped with Toyota’s first dimmable panoramic canopy in the world, which can switch between dimming mode and transmittance mode in one second. Both modes can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, aiming to enjoy a soft and comfortable interior environment even on sunny days when the sun is fierce.Assist driving, or Toyota TSS system, the key is the entry version is very complete.The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument + 12.3-inch center touch screen + 10-inch HUD can achieve three-screen linkage.In terms of multimedia functions, it includes navigation, online music, voice recognition, home appliance connection, life services, small programs, payment, face recognition, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, etc., and remote services such as car status check, remote control and vehicle positioning can also be provided through “Fengyunxing” APP.There are also streaming rearview mirrors, wireless smartphone charging systems, the latest Nanoe ™X (Nano) air cleaning system, rain sensitive wipers (intermittent adjustable), inductive electric rear doors, panoramic monitoring, reversing video (with dynamic guide wires) and many other features not seen in previous Toyota cars.2.0 and 2.5, two drive four drive, about this dynamic will not be repeated, we are very familiar.Users can enter the ordering page of ViSA through THE APP of GAC Toyota Fengyunxing and check the terminal sales price of the store after selecting the store.At the same time, Fengyunxing APP can clearly display the vehicle delivery time, from the booking to the vehicle production, transportation, arrival, delivery of the entire process and each node can be queried.It is understood that the manufacturer provided the first batch of owners with the value of 5000 yuan exclusive owner rights, from now to March 31, 2022, through online ordering, can enjoy fengyun Xinxuan value of 5000 yuan rights card, can be used to exchange all goods in GAC Toyota official store Fengyun Xinxuan mall.In addition, there is no limit to the number of years, no limit to the mileage of the first owners of the dual-engine battery life warranty, and Fengyun Yue enjoy car networking services for free for 5 years and the first year of a monthly free 1G of traffic and other benefits for a limited time exclusive.