Childhood beauty is more beautiful now, is the beauty to this circle, or the entertainment circle can let a person become beautiful

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I am a stay-at-home mom, a stay-at-home mom who constantly realizes her worth.Refuse anxiety, refuse to “inner volume”, relaxed parenting, rational treatment of marriage life, tolerance to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I hope that some of my views can make you suddenly understand, can bring you positive energy, to solve your real problems.Article | home have a little sweet pepper (original is not easy, please do not copy, welcome individual Shared) reprinted figure | source network (if there is any infringement please contact deleted) for girls, “beauty” is an eternal topic.All little girls have a love of beauty, parents really do not ignore this problem, children have a healthy aesthetic, is the foundation of self-confidence and optimism.If the child’s aesthetic problems, followed by the problem of values, once the child’s values problems.For girls, a healthy aesthetic sense and a correct outlook on life are the most important, because they are the source of happiness in their whole life.The more beautiful one is, the more difficult it is to be happy in life without a correct three-point view and healthy appreciation of beauty.Is it that all the beauties are in the entertainment circle, or will this circle make the girls beautiful?When it comes to entertainment, we think of beautiful actresses.The entertainment circle is really a beauty such as cloud of place, the beauty of life in the entertainment circle can only be regarded as general.Because of this, it is easy to create an illusion that only good-looking people can survive in this circle, otherwise it is difficult to survive.Is easy to form a “resources to face look” state, and resources directly represent the interests and income, thus formed a unique phenomenon: medical beauty became the most common things, no matter a man or a woman, to make themselves look better, or some look younger, will choose moving knife on the face.Looks not beautiful enough, in the face of the knife is very common, looks very beautiful, also want to operate on the face, the last face is more and more broken.But generally speaking, the characteristics of this circle determine that people in this circle will pay more attention to their personal image and appearance, so this circle will make people beautiful, it is certain.As long as enough confidence, as long as not too much, is able to maintain a good look for decades.But at the same time, this circle is really looking at the face, the face requirements are relatively high, good-looking people can enter the circle, can get some job opportunities, good-looking people, unless they have real talent, otherwise it is difficult to be accepted and recognized.These popular actors and actresses, who were the cutest babies in the crowd when they were little, have really grown up and are looking better and better.However, this is only the surface, a person really want to make a difference in their own career, only a face is not good, can go far, or rely on personal business ability.It’s just that a lot of girls outside the circle don’t see this at all. They only see the flashy exterior and ignore the inner things.The girl is bo go out, behavior lets a person speechless because of flashy appearance precisely, caused a kind of illusion to a lot of childish girl, think to want the face to be good-looking only, want to dare only “dew” can obtain flow rate and opportunity.I saw some underage girls on the Internet before, shooting videos, wearing revealing clothes and behaving out of line, just to get traffic.It has become a new route, one that relies on one’s bizarre behavior to get traffic and attention, and then drifts into the entertainment industry.This is a very bad start. First of all, for the sake of these topics, the girl focused all her energy on these things, ignoring her own study and growth. If she was busy with these things in her best youth, she would not only fail to grow up, but also keep retreating while others were growing rapidly.Finally opening up a terrible gap, that’s second.The key is that in such a state of mind and environment for a long time, the child’s aesthetic and three views are distorted, will have a negative impact on the child’s life.In this age of advanced technology, mobile phones have become a daily routine for almost everyone, including children.Many children are playing with their mobile phones before they are even on the road.Internal values have not yet had time to guide children to establish, the outside bad environment has begun to have a certain impact on children.If parents are preoccupied with their children’s academic performance, ignore their three views and aesthetics, and allow their children to be affected by the internal and external environment, it is not good for children.Only by guiding children to establish healthy aesthetics and healthy three views can parents play a leading role in the growth of children.Children with a healthy aesthetic, will not care about the evaluation of the outside world, neither because of others evaluation of the “ugly” feel disheartened, nor because of others evaluation of the “beauty” and a time complacent.When children establish a correct view of the three, parents can be more assured, because children can identify right and wrong, good things will absorb, bad things will be far away.This is a long-term method, because children can not stay with their parents for a lifetime, parents can not be a lifetime for their children, children always have their own open environment, in the face of all kinds of personnel.Children have a healthy aesthetic and correct view of the three, in order to make the right choice in big and small things, will not be confused by a variety of immediate desires.How can let the child form healthy esthetic and correct three views?Children’s aesthetic and three views are not innate, but influenced by the environment.The influence of children’s aesthetic is mainly mother, after the child is 3 years old, the brain has developed to 80%, many ideologies began to sprout, this time is the key moment of children’s aesthetic formation.Parents should not be stingy with praise for their children, this is what we should do.Secondly, after having children, parents should pay attention to the impact of personal words and deeds on children, and try to reduce the evaluation of others’ appearance in front of children.Often pay attention to the objective evaluation of a person’s strengths and weaknesses, which will have a positive impact on children. If parents are always used to mocking other people’s appearance, it may have two effects on children. On the one hand, children will become people like their parents, and on the other hand, children will quietly have a sense of inferiority.When children grow up and begin to have a new understanding of their appearance, parents should pay more attention to their children’s inner changes, let children believe in the “diversity of beauty”, encourage children to recognize their appearance, enrich their heart, let children become from the inside out of the temperament of the people.Children through building, but also inseparable with the home environment and parents’ through, children through besides influenced by books and animated content, most is the parents, parents should consciously cultivate children through, put the emotional intelligence and through first, the studies on the second, how to communicate with children, more opportunities of expression to the child,Then according to the real reaction of the child’s heart, to communicate with the child patiently, to help the child adjust their cognition.This is a process of the formation of children’s three views.