As suncity’s top executives move from company to company, which is important to personal development, their whereabouts may be more illuminating

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Sunshine town recently lost executives there are too many news, today also heard and another area always jump to the state, if the sunshine town after BaoLei executives is stable, but after Zhu Rongbin left, many executives have quit, no departure estimates there are also looking at new opportunities, thus we can see that the company is really important for a person’s career development.From the perspective of the history of sunshine town many executives, if it were not for an accident, many of them are unlikely to leave, because we have had many of whom are more or less contact, before introducing new opportunities to them, tend to be kind to you will say with you don’t consider, you’re welcome heard the headhunter is hung up the phone.However, there is no mistake that personal development must rely on the platform of the company, especially in the real estate industry. In some industries, such as IT, you may be afraid to go anywhere with your skills, but in the real estate industry, when you leave the platform of the company, the resources you should have are often gone.In sunshine town as a black sheep fujian department of real estate development is faster, and provide development opportunities for staff, also the evaluation of talents in the industry is still relatively high, but now the present situation of the company, even if finally can out of the woods, also have a long way to go, for a lot of professional managers, then stay longer this environment for their career development is adverse.But we can also learn a lot from the recent job-hopping of several senior executives in Sunny City.Most of these senior executives chose central state-owned enterprises. On the one hand, it shows that there are very few opportunities for private enterprises.On the other hand they still focus on the next job stability and career development platform, in terms of salary position and no special care, sunshine town regional total usually annual salary above 5 million, but we know that a regional total job-hopping to a state-owned enterprises to do urban total, earning less than 2 million, also suggests that for the executives, elastic or salary position can be big,The focus is more on the platform, of course, there is also a forced factor in the market situation, because there are so few regional opportunities that can offer $5 million a year.For real estate people, platform is very important, and select need to choose according to the different stages of development of industry, now central soes become havens of a lot of people, but for different people, for people in different career development stage, is not to say that the central state-owned enterprises for everyone is necessarily the best choice, need according to their own situation to analysis.Often, what we call career planning needs to consider one’s own fit with the company’s platform, and this fit may change from time to time.You need to adjust your expectations when the situation turns out to be a little unexpected, as some of the suncity executives recently chose to target companies.Accept reality with an open heart, will usher in a better tomorrow!Headhunter Hu Zhaojun, workplace to help you win!Follow me for workplace power at any time!