A 16-year-old Hong Kong singer has made her debut in Japan with SONY Records

2022-05-10 0 By

Some say there will be a purple star in the entertainment industry before 2023, becoming a true international superstar.Purple star is the Supreme star, a symbol of the Supreme and noble star. In English, it is called Supreme. It has a unique temperament that fascinates people at a glance, and can shine quickly and heat up in a short time, becoming a superstar with zero negative comments.Recently, an annual hit Japanese drama “DCU” officially star in Japan’S TBS broadcast, the Japanese drama by the 57-year-old Japanese famous actor Hiro Abe, the popular young meat Yokohama meteor as the male number two.This Japanese drama belongs to the big-budget Japanese drama, the level of annual extravaganza, which has a lot of action scenes in the water, plus with large production companies in Canada and Israel, many of the special effects are Hollywood first team to create, the scene is very grand.It is worth mentioning that the theme song of this TV series also has international singers. The English theme song “Another Day Goes By” is produced and composed By famous music producer Takeshi Kobayashi and sung By a 16-year-old new female singer, Lizabet from Hong Kong, China.Lizabet, 16, is of mixed race from Vietnam. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, China. She has a household registration in Hong Kong, China.She has signed a contract with SONY SONY Music headquarters, officially debut in Japan, after Alan Another singer in Japan, “Another Day Goes By” is also her debut single.Japanese media have spoken highly of Lizabet, many of which have published her story calling it “the arrival of Geji from Hong Kong”.Look forward to Lizabet can be famous for its music all over the world, truly become the purple microstar of the port area, the pride of China!