Uncle: I don’t want to be a free nanny

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The most basic requirement of a woman’s marriage is to find a man to rely on and solve the problem of food and clothing at the same time. If a man can not even provide the minimum living security, such a man may never find a daughter-in-law. Therefore, there is a saying that “marry han marry Han, dress and eat”.There is a consensus among women that “a man’s love for a woman is his willingness to spend money on her.”In love, a man will create all kinds of romance and buy all kinds of gifts for his girlfriend in order to win her favor.After marriage, men will look for opportunities to buy clothes for their wives and give them red envelopes, which can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife but also contribute to the harmony of the family. Why not kill two birds with one stone?There will always be men who can’t afford to spend money on women. They can’t please women.Even if they are married and the relationship is not very good, if they are single, no woman will want to marry him.Uncle Wang is 56 years old. He is a clerk in a company. Uncle Wang has a house and earns more than 5000 yuan.Uncle Wang is slow and does everything in a hurry. It takes him two hours to mop the floor, not because his house is 200 square meters, but because he is too slow in his work. Because of this, he makes many jokes.Uncle Wang is not only slow but also lazy. He hardly cooks at ordinary times. He either works at work or orders take-out food.The reason why Uncle Wang was so happy was simple. He was a single man, divorced for many years and lived alone in an empty house. He was busy working during the day and lonely at night, and Uncle Wang came up with the idea of remarrying.Uncle Wang wants a thrifty, reasonable woman who is willing to accompany him and take care of him for the rest of his life. Another requirement for uncle Wang is that she should be young and beautiful.In accordance with the requirements of Uncle Wang matchmaker to arrange high sister to date.Gao dajie, 52, has a 100-square-meter apartment and earns more than 5,000 yuan.Sister Gao is beautiful, can dress up, dignified and polite.Gao Dajie is optimistic and cheerful, loves to talk and laugh, is an excellent woman.Although Gao dajie is carefree, her life experience is miserable.Gao Dajie is the eldest daughter of the family, she dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school to work, in her early 20s, Gao Dajie married a man she did not like under the arrangement of her parents, they are incompatible, often quarrel, the husband alcoholism domestic violence, Gao Dajie for the son to endure.When her son grew up, Gao asked for a divorce. She had had enough of the dark life.Gao Dajie experienced a setback in her relationship, and she wanted to find a man who loved her, loved her, and took her to heart.Gao Da jie is in line with Uncle Wang’s mate selection conditions. Can they wipe out the spark of love?After meeting them, their first impression is not bad. Gao Dajie thinks Uncle Wang looks ordinary, which is barely acceptable.Uncle Wang thinks his wife should be younger and prettier, and gao Dajie is more than enough for him. But he’s not satisfied. I don’t know where his confidence comes from.Uncle Wang took the initiative to tell his emotional experience, uncle Wang divorced after looking for two girlfriends, because of various reasons two feelings are not the result, Uncle Wang wants to get married as soon as possible to end the single life, uncle Wang’s desire for marriage is very strong.Gao’s marriage had failed, and she had been single for years. She knew what it was like to suffer.High sister understand uncle Wang’s mood, high sister is looking forward to getting married early, on this issue their starting point is very consistent.”The purpose of my blind date is not to find a wife, but to find a daughter-in-law, which is fundamentally different,” wang said.An old wife is two old people for company, no feelings at all, daughter-in-law is different, daughter-in-law is with me for the rest of my life, this is the woman I want!”Elder sister Gao was deeply moved by Uncle Wang’s words. Did she not think so?The kind of man who gets along with her doesn’t really treat her, the man who is willing to accompany her to treat her as his wife is the one she wants to marry.A few words of kung Fu elder sister Gao’s affection for Uncle Wang instantly improved.Uncle Wang speaks slowly, gao Elder sister’s personality is full of wind and fire, they complement each other in character and have roughly the same views on many issues. The more they talk, the more they talk, the more intimate, the atmosphere of blind date is quite good.After chatting for a long time, high big sister said her most concerned about the problem, high big sister’s son is not married, his son must spend a lot of money to get married, high big sister hope her husband can help her in the future, this is her biggest wish.Sister Gao said, “I have only one son. Treat my son like your own.When he gets married, you get 200,000 if you can, less if you can.I have a son. It’s a burden. I hope you understand.”Elder sister Gao was pretty, good-natured and honest. Uncle Wang liked elder sister Gao.Uncle Wang did not expect gao Da Jie to take the initiative to raise money, which touched uncle Wang’s bottom line, Uncle Wang immediately vigilant up.Uncle Wang said, “If I had 100 million yuan, the problem you mentioned would be no problem.My savings are small, and my money can’t be spent on you.Even if we get married, I won’t give you the house, I won’t give you a penny, all my money is mine and it has nothing to do with you, you want money from me, that’s a daydream!”Uncle Wang was not satisfied. He added, “I am not your son’s father. I have no obligation to spend any money on him.Uncle Wang did not want to give money to Gao’s eldest sister’s son, nor did he want to give a penny to Gao’s eldest sister. He regarded money very important, and he would be anxious with anyone who asked him for money.Uncle Wang swore that he wanted to find a wife who would love him and spend the rest of their lives together. In a twinkling, he changed his mind.Uncle Wang is not willing to give high sister’s son to spend money understandable, he does not want to give high sister a cent, does he want to go Dutch with high sister?Or does he just want to live with Big Sister?Uncle Wang contradicts himself, which makes people doubt the real purpose of his marriage.Uncle Wang’s performance let gao Dajie very disappointed, gao Dajie admitted that she did not want to be a free nanny, the blind date ended in tears.When we are in love, we often say, “If you love me, you must accept everything about me.”This sentence sounds a bit of moral kidnapping, but if you think about it carefully, isn’t it true?As the saying goes, “gold is not perfect, no one is perfect”. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, which is beyond doubt.When we associate with someone we like, we tend to be attracted by his good qualities, while his bad qualities will be automatically screened out by us. This is a communication strategy.Being friends is one thing, getting married is another.Friends can ignore each other’s shortcomings, after marriage, two people get along day and night, each other’s shortcomings will be unreservedly exposed, we must face correctly.Smart people will accept, tolerate her, accept her, while trying to help her correct, this practice is worthy of recognition.Confused people are different, he only pay attention to the advantages of the other side, once the other side shows that he dislikes, he will mercilessly vent their emotions, all kinds of contradictions ensues.Uncle Wang is a good example. He falls in love with Aunt Gao and wants to be with her. He even plans their future.Uncle Wang reveals his true colors when he learns that Aunt Gao’s son is not married and that aunt Gao wants him to impress him.Uncle Wang didn’t want to take money and didn’t want to give gao Da a penny, he just wanted to empty hands white Wolf, such a man how can entrust life?What do you think of “a man’s love for his daughter is spending money on a woman”?Do you think Uncle Wang can find a good wife?Welcome to comment.