Suit!Nets’ season-high sixth straight loss James Harden and Steve Nash still feel good about themselves

2022-05-09 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, the NBA regular season continued, nets Sacramento Kings 101-112 loss, a 6 in a row, this is what they suffered the longest losing streak of the season, but it is the west during previous 7 defeats against the Kings (and without a leading core fox), so the nets of the defeat, many fans are worried about.Can let a person unexpectedly is, even if the Nets’ situation has been miserable, but the team’s core Harden and coach Steve Nash is still stubborn, think the Nets no problem.Harden, who scored four points on 2-for-11 shooting and committed six turnovers in the second half, said, “I’m not worried about it. We don’t have a whole lineup. That’s what happened.”Steve Nash said he didn’t think his teammates were disappointed in him and that the Nets lost because they were tired.Without Durant and Harris and others, the Nets are indeed incomplete;Back-to-back operations, the Nets players are indeed very tired.The problem, as anyone can see, is that the Nets’ six-game losing streak was more than just a result of roster problems and fatigue.Harden’s ups and downs, Irving’s ability to play on the road instead of at home, and Nash’s lineup are more of a concern.But the nets general, but never refused to face up to their own problems, as long as a loss is constantly find excuses for their own.And even if regular-season results don’t matter, what will the Nets do in the playoffs if every time they lose, all they want to do is win mentally?And how to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the championship?