Sing a new life, forge ahead in a new era

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Gongs and drums sing shengshi, laughter song shengping.On February 13, more than 5,000 people participated in the performance of the 2022 Lantern Festival Parade, which brought a unique audio-visual feast and festival best wishes to the people of the whole city.The endless festive reunion, the endless joy and harmony dance, encouraging the city’s cadres and people from all walks of life to strive for a new era, create new brilliance.Ten decorated floats paraded along the streets with the theme of “Celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress, Focusing on the overall goal and striving to be the vanguard”.Representatives of advanced figures from all walks of life waved to the audience on the float.Zhang Xiaoxiao, a member of kuqa Angel Public Welfare team, said she was very excited to ride the float along the street.Loud gongs and drums, cheering crowds, a happy and peaceful.In this thick smell, let me deeply feel economic development, peace and security, thanks to the great Communist Party of China, thanks to the strong motherland.As the New Year begins, I wish the people of all nationalities in Kuqa city a prosperous year of tiger and work together to build a better Kuqa.Outstanding Party affairs worker representative Tuerhong Tuniyazi is kuqa City People’s Hospital general surgery, a deputy chief physician, he said excitedly:”I have so many good comrades, whether in daily medical services, and in the important task of technology innovation, collection, nucleic acid vaccine inoculation, working overtime, overcoming difficulties, go on, passed one and pull together, made an excellent result, another who made contributions in the kuqa medical career, and I was just a part of them.Today, I participate in the activities on behalf of them, more deeply feel the warmth of the social family, the strength of unity and progress.Recently, our hospital held the conference to welcome the review of grade III hospitals and the establishment of grade III hospitals, sounding the new horn of struggle in 2022. I will exert myself and work hard to make due contributions to the health and life safety of people in the city.”Village representative Gulinur Yushan, secretary of the Party branch of Yidik Village, Isihara town, sat on the rostrum to watch the performance.Guli noor esb said: “‘ 18 villagers xi rimmon, by 18 township (town) in the city of dragon dance lion dance, power and prestige gongs, yangko, and other special characters such as program of performance, the rural people’s good fortune and happiness, harvest and hope, blessings and wishes, written into the drums sound, dancing in the New Year.In the new day, we will lead the people of all ethnic groups on the road of rural revitalization, develop industries in accordance with local conditions to increase incomes, and make unremitting efforts to build a beautiful village with thriving industries, livable ecology, civilized local customs, effective governance and prosperous life in the new era.”Rizwanguli Imiti, outstanding teacher representative from No. 4 Middle School, said, “This year’s Shehuo performance is a gathering of talents and flowers.Peking Opera, dance drama opera performances, such as the car fleet, folk stories, drought and classical theater traditional folk jan performances such as characters, and kuqa author dance, bowls plates and other national and autonomous region level intangible cultural heritage performance, let us feel the endless charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture.In the future teaching work, we will vigorously inherit and promote the excellent traditional culture of our Chinese nation, and enhance students’ national pride and sense of responsibility.”(Kuqa Rong Media Center reporter Wang Hongli)