PSBC: Work together to fight the epidemic

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, with a strong sense of political responsibility and sense of responsibility, PSBC institutions at all levels have coordinated epidemic prevention and control and financial service guarantee, strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control requirements, and jointly built a solid defense line against the epidemic.Tianjin Branch: online and offline quickly respond to all branches under its jurisdiction to carry out hall elimination and emergency drills, optimize and enrich “zero-contact” service channel scenarios, and establish temporary work teams to meet customers’ demands for emergency funds…At the beginning of this year, in the face of a new round of COVID-19, PSBC Tianjin Branch took swift action and implemented effective measures one by one, promoting epidemic prevention and control and orderly development of financial services.PSBC Tianjin Branch held two meetings of the Party Committee and the leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and control, and immediately launched the emergency plan and made arrangements for epidemic prevention and control.The bank actively cooperate with community streets to do nucleic acid testing screening;All branches under the jurisdiction shall strengthen the operation control of ATM machines and other equipment to ensure basic financial services.”I wanted to try my luck at postal Savings bank outlets, but I never thought it was really in business!”On January 10, nucleic acid testing was carried out in 12 administrative regions of Tianjin.On that day, Mr. Zhang needs to go to the outlet to change the entrusted payment account and make the payment.The business Department of PSBC Tianjin Heping District Sub-branch responded quickly and handled the matter in time, successfully lending 9.7 million yuan to Mr. Zhang.This is an epitome of PSBC Tianjin Branch to guarantee financial services.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, the bank made overall arrangements for the resources of the whole bank, and formed a temporary working team in accordance with the principle of “opening as much as possible” to ensure the normal operation of the branches meeting the requirements and meet the financial service needs of ordinary people.For branches temporarily closed, PSBC Tianjin Branch immediately issued notices and guidance for online business handling, and did a good job of customer reply and explanation.At the same time, the bank opened a “green channel” for funds transfer and account service.A quick response mechanism for complaints was activated, and information was delivered to customers in a timely manner through official wechat accounts and mobile phone SMS messages. Complaints related to COVID-19 and key customer groups were consulted with a clear time limit and prioritized to respond to customers’ demands in a timely manner.In the face of the epidemic, PSBC Henan Branch has made every effort to strengthen epidemic prevention and control in its branches and other major operational links, focusing on the “three gateways” and building a “safety net” for epidemic prevention and control.To ensure the safety of people entering the outlets, we should strictly implement measures such as scanning code, checking code, temperature measurement and disinfection, and wearing masks.The “disinfection close” of the outlets should be well handled, and the key parts contacted by customers such as self-help equipment buttons, screens, bayonets and cash withdrawal ports should be disinfected on time.Put disinfectant, disinfection paper towels and other supplies, strengthen ventilation.Make good use of the “cash close”, strengthen the management of cash storage areas such as coffers, counters and self-service equipment, implement separate storage of the income cash of business outlets, disinfect all external cash first, and increase the release of original sealed new coupons.At the same time, the Henan Branch of PSBC responded positively to the need for funds allocation.On the afternoon of January 9, the Postal Savings Bank’s Xiaoxian Branch received a call from the local financial department that it was necessary to transfer a batch of epidemic prevention funds to township health centers.It was over the weekend, and the bank immediately deployed relevant staff to the post, cooperated with the superior bank, and promptly allocated all 16 epidemic prevention funds.PSBC Henan Branch is also actively guiding customers to give priority to online financial service channels, and further promoting the “Cloud Studio” one-stop financial service platform to provide customers with contactless, one-to-one financial services to ensure financial services during the epidemic.In order to solve the problems of small and micro enterprises having difficulty in repayment and financing during the epidemic, PSBC Shaanxi Branch promptly issued a notice while working at home in accordance with epidemic prevention policies, reasonably simplified loan procedures, and timely met customers’ demand for money.A private enterprise in Shaanxi province, specializing in cotton trade, cotton yarn processing and sales, needs to stock up for production in the New Year, increasing financing needs, but due to the impact of the epidemic, real estate mortgage loans have encountered difficulties.In this regard, PSBC Xianyang Branch in Shaanxi Province actively communicated with the local real estate registration center to handle mortgage procedures for the company and loan it 30 million yuan.Ensure credit services according to local conditions and policies based on categories.PSBC Shaanxi Branch strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements and introduced a number of measures for quarantined customers to help them tide over the difficulties.”Contactless” credit services have been launched for areas with high risk of the epidemic, and online financial services have been provided through such modes as “speed loan” and “micro loan”.For areas with low epidemic risk, offline operation requirements will be strictly implemented and offline services will be carried out in an orderly manner.Unite as one to fight the epidemic.In the next step, PSBC will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as a large state-owned bank, strengthen confidence, build a solid defense against the epidemic, and use its financial strength to help stabilize the livelihood of enterprises and serve economic and social development.