Life in wisdom the God beast of Haf will take you out of life

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Under the fast pace, life everywhere like siege.Tasks and schedules follow one another, with no time to rest, no extra energy to think.But even so, energetic young people like the “god beast” are trying to get out of the siege.During the holidays, A large number of young people in Chengdu choose to escape from the urban area to have fun in the surrounding areas, and the sichuan A army has become A scenery on the road.In the vast traffic, the hafu god beast carrying the “god beast youth” to pursue poetry and the shadow of the sun in the distance frequently appeared.In such a spectacular scene, apart from the amazing traffic jam, we also see their yearning for “the most beautiful scenery is on the road”.Get out of the city and start your life on a stylish dream bike. Work and life are always boring and feel like your life has lost its shine?Young people do not allow themselves to be trapped in such trouble for a long time, they use fashion trends to find more fun in their lives.Over the years, the city of chengdu with “young, fashion, fashion personality” in the fashion capital of the rankings, and design, quality JiJia harvard brand new flagship SUV harvard god beast is definitely appetite to them, unruly chrono front sharp aesthetic design language, the intelligent science and technology leading high-end equipment, make mutual inductance kokomo digital cockpit…No matter which one is the same as their vision and pursuit of high-quality life.In fact, after it was just released in Chengdu at the end of last year, Hafu God beast has been sought after by young fashion groups in the local area. In January this year, a test drive event was held in Sichuan and Chongqing area again. The lively activity site also directly reflects the popularity of God beast in the local area.Driving the Harf god beast, I feel the passion of life is immediately ignited, “my dream car” deserves the name.Embrace high-end intelligent common harvest comfortable journey mahjong hot pot string incense is indispensable, will play will enjoy life is another label of chengdu young people.Every holiday, there are A large number of cars with Sichuan A license plate stuck in the road to play out of the city, since this year, the Hafu god beast has become A new scenery on the road.God beast youth love to travel, the best travel partner Hafu god beast, they love the same to walk on this matter has always been hit it off.Different from the past traffic jam when the time is wasted, now with the company of Harvard god beast, car owners in the stop and wait to find another kind of fun:The soft seat with Alcantara suede wrapped behind it, INFINITY Yanfeilis high-quality sound source surrounded by the ear, and the exquisite steering wheel with super bionic grip feeling, all the irritability caused by traffic jam disappeared immediately.In addition, Shenwu is also equipped with ACC adaptive cruise system, in which the car following cruise module can stably follow the car in front according to the set workshop distance, and the owner can safely move forward without more control.For high-speed sections, Shenbeast has the same level of leading intelligent driving assistance system to assist driving throughout the whole process.The car owner is more comfortable driving, leaving more energy to enjoy the scenery along the way, immersed in the journey.With love and god beast together open the next inspiration if the above is the specific configuration of god beast, the function to bring god beast youth experience, that mentioned the highest tacit understanding of Harvard god beast and god beast youth, certainly is the spirit of mutual affinity.To “leapfrog” as the core concept of building, Hafu god beast to the value of the price to convey intimate sincerity.Users can enjoy the same configuration of 300,000-class or even million-class models at a price of about 150,000 yuan, which enables young people to approach their ideal lifestyle at the fastest speed and be confident about their future life.In addition, Hafu God Beast is also continuing to pass their insistence and love: constantly update and break through the design and manufacturing concept, constantly optimize and upgrade to improve the performance of the vehicle, always embrace emerging technologies and apply them to their own body as soon as possible…And these measures, is also getting along with a young soul collision sparks, give out more inspiration.Interesting souls will eventually meet, and tacit support between each other is the premise of long-term companionship.Hafu brand hopes to work with young consumers to pursue upward more actively and embrace love more bravely, so that every day’s life in the future will be full of hope and expectation.Inspire each other, enrich each other, that’s what dream mounts are supposed to be.Conclusion: Step out of your comfort zone, take a step forward, and leave the siege behind.At present, the hafu god beast is on sale at a price of 130,000-167,000 yuan.Now orders can also enjoy up to 6000 yuan replacement subsidies, up to 2000 yuan purchase subsidies, core parts lifelong warranty, lifelong free FOTA upgrade and other seven gifts.If you need the courage to break through the impact, if you have the ideal but trapped in shackles, then this dream drive Hafu god beast is your best choice, it will constantly remind you of the power of change, and you break through the obstacles in front of you, escape from the siege of life!The event will run from March 24, 2022 to March 31, 2022