Chengdu Danian second street bicycle tour reverie

2022-05-09 0 By

Chengdu danian second street bike tour daydream chengdu temperature today five or six degrees, the cold force, walking in the street cold deutzia.The street has become cold, streets sparse cars less empty, completely lost the busy and bustling past.The streets have been busy for a year and it’s time to take a break.Rest is in order to work better, is not the same as people, streets ah.But where have so many gone?Recently, it was reported that the box office of the first day of the first lunar month reached 1.4 billion yuan.There are a lot of people in the theater.Most of them come from small counties, towns and villages.Urban white-collar workers’ married couples also went home, and newlywed couples also went home together to visit relatives.And single older young people rent a boyfriend or girlfriend because their parents force them to marry…Most of the outsiders left anyway.Only a few cities can’t leave because of the epidemic. For example, my son in Beijing has been blocked from returning home for two years because of the epidemic.In addition, the domestic tourism market is also very hot with a lot of people traveling.It is reported that the number of domestic tourists has increased rapidly, and with the improvement of the epidemic, tourism will also become more popular.The great New Year, the festival group married together, the strong flavor of the year, the small lively, naturally cold city streets.So the second day of the New Year chengdu street fewer people and cars, that is the natural thing.