97 years, the man robbed 740 yuan after the escape, Wenchuan earthquake rate team after disaster surrender, the judge how sentenced

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On June 4, 2008, chengdu Procuratorate welcomed a special person.”My real name is Lei Zhenyu, and I junlian County robbed a man 11 years ago, now I can junlian County,” the man, identified only as Dong Duilei, said to himself after entering the procuratorate.When the prosecutor contacted Junlian County’s public security bureau to verify the situation, the two junlian men who accompanied him were shocked: It turned out that Captain Dong, who had worked so hard in the earthquake relief, was really a criminal outlaw.Lei Zhenyu is a typical rural family out of the child.In 1990, his father was injured in a fall while doing farm work and became disabled.At the age of 19, Lei zhenyu had to shoulder the burden of family life.At first, he made a reasonable income to junlian County, where he could make a home improvement.Around 1996, however, Mr. Lei fell ill with a severe stomach ailment and was hospitalized several times, piling up debts.All this he did not tell his family, alone to bear down.On January 15, 1997, on the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, Lei Zhenyu received a call from his sister, asking him to go home and have a laba meal with his family.Far from being “well-off”, Lei Zhenyu owed hundreds of yuan in debt instead.He didn’t have much money to go home, but decided to go home and have a meal with his family.To save money, he didn’t even take a bus, but walked a dozen kilometers home.Cold and hungry, people tend to do irrational things, and this is how Lei zhenyu carried out his unplanned crime.Halfway there, Lei came across a truck filling water on the side of the road.He was obsessed with the idea that the driver must have money, so he began to think about getting some money from the driver.He walked up to the driver, pretended he had a stomachache and asked for a lift.The driver took pity on him coming all the way on foot and granted the request.After getting on the bus, Lei Zhenyu in the name of “going home”, relying on their familiarity with the surrounding environment, got out of the way to a place called “beat hillside”.It is usually quite quiet with little pedestrian traffic.Look at the right time, Lei Zhenyu suddenly took out a pocket of fruit knife, threatened to stop the car, and asked him to take out the money.Lei Zhenyu is indeed a temporary idea, which can be seen from the fact that he only took a fruit knife;But he did know nothing about the law: robbing with a knife is worse than not.Since he wasn’t going to take a lot of money in the first place, it wasn’t worth it.When the driver said he didn’t have any money, Lei tied his hands behind his back and searched him. A total of 890 yuan was found.Just as he was about to take it all, the driver pleaded, “I’m almost out of gas, so I want to leave some money for him to drive back.”Lei Zhenyu thought about it, and did not intend to do everything absolutely, so he left 150 yuan and returned home with the remaining 740 yuan.That night, he gave his father 300 yuan as his own salary, and the next day after eating laba rice, he returned to the county seat to work.The driver kindly take a person but suffered an innocent disaster, their hard-earned money was almost snatched away by others, the driver heart is very angry.He soon alerted the local police station.Because Lei Zhenyu is also a temporary intention to commit the crime, there is no preparation to conceal the identity and so on, according to the physical features provided, the police will soon lock the suspect in Lei Zhenyu.At this time of Thunder Zhenyu has heard the wind and fled.Originally, he committed the crime after the heart will be uneasy, later heard that these days the police frequent activities in the vicinity, but also once to his home, feel more ominous.So he made a quick escape from junlian County to junlian County and made his way to a restaurant in Luzhou to scrub dishes.At that time, China did not have mature facial recognition technology, so it was not easy to find a city escape.But Lei felt guilty, and when the luzhou police began checking the registration of temporary residents in nearby restaurants, he left again for fear that his story would be exposed.After spending 200 yuan to make a fake IDENTITY card for “Dong Duilei”, Lei fled to Shanghai in April 1997 and began living on the run.Because Lei zhenyu escaped both times without notifying his family, nor did he make it clear to the place where he worked, the police failed to get any clues as to where he fled after visiting all his social connections.In the days before the Internet, before surveillance cameras and even before second-generation ID cards, a fake ID card could transform a person.In this way, Lei Zhenyu’s identity completely disappeared to junlian County police, as well as to all our relatives and friends.Life on the run is not easy for Lei Zhenyu.In order to prevent anyone from noticing him, and in order to prevent the police from finding him, he worked in every place for a few months before leaving.Every time he saw the police sweep the temporary residents nearby, he could not help but feel guilty and sometimes ran away without even taking his salary.During his part-time job, some employers who appreciated him wanted to train him to learn cooking, but he did not dare, for he was afraid to stay in one place too long and be caught by the police.After two years in Shanghai, Lei moved to Beijing because he felt the city was too strict with foreigners.At the foot of the emperor, the inspection of foreign population was more strict, and he had to go to Hangzhou, Zhejiang.As a result, Lei saved little money and learned few skills, washing dishes or helping cooks in restaurants.I have to say that he is a very smart person, in the restaurant for a long time, he learned a lot of cooking and dim sum noodle technology.As he grew older, many waitresses approached him.These “peach blossoms” were also rejected by Lei Zhenyu, on the grounds that his family is very poor in the mountainous areas of Sichuan.Some girls refused to be poor and gave up, but there was one who pursued him passionately.Lei Zhenyu is really afraid to talk about love and others, once again without saying goodbye, left Hangzhou.It was September 2001, and Lei zhenyu had been on the run for more than four years.Having been away for a long time, he missed his parents and sister so much that he decided to come back and visit them.One night, under the cover of darkness, he sneaked back to his house, looked through the door and found that the people inside were not his family.Ghost in the heart of Lei Zhenyu did not think his home may change the place to live, but feel that it may be the police inserted over to catch him, head did not go back to slip to Shanghai again.Later, he contacted a friend in his hometown and found out the situation of the family. It turned out that his mother was also bedridden with anger after learning about him. Her eyes were half blind with anger and her hearing was greatly reduced.The police visited his home so many times that people in the village looked at his family differently, which embarrassed his parents so much that they moved away.The friend did not know where to move to.The friend also told Lei that his name had been posted on the Internet by the police in early 2002 and that he had become a wanted person on the Internet.After being informed of the situation in the home, the mood of Lei Zhenyu is all the more heavy, he is to be able to give the family better life just rob money, brought the disaster of family grave instead however now.He wanted to turn himself in, but he was already wanted on the Internet, and he was convicted of a knife-point robbery and tying up the victim.Lei Zhenyu felt he must be sentenced to many years of punishment, hesitated to make up his mind.After a few years, with guilt, but also afraid of the family again lei Zhenyu did not contact his family.He began to work hard and learn to cook. In 2004, he obtained the second chef certificate and became a pastry chef in a western restaurant on the Bund in Shanghai, earning more than 4,000 yuan a month.As he grew older, he had emotional needs.At this time, a Girl surnamed Ding from Jiangsu nationality came into his life and the two began to fall in love.But whenever Ding hinted that he was getting married, Lei would skirt the subject in one way or another, or keep putting it off.One of the most powerful was that he would earn enough money to buy a house in Shanghai before getting married.Xiaoding did not know his past and had to choose to accept and wait for this statement.In fact, Lei zhenyu was afraid that if he had another home, his family would be hurt again when he was arrested.His wife and children will also live in the eyes of others.Therefore, he did not want to take a wife and have children.May 12, 2008, the world shocked the earthquake shook the hearts of the Chinese people, Lei Zhenyu saw many disaster areas on TV, the 30-year-old man could not help but shed tears.His heart was heavy and he was not himself these days.Lover xiaoding saw what he seems to be hiding, asked him whether there are relatives in Sichuan.In xiaoding’s repeated inquiries, Lei Zhenyu finally frank his parents and sister in Sichuan, but he did not dare to say that he ran to Shanghai’s real reasons, but with a quarrel run away from home.The girlfriend perfunctory in the past, Lei Zhenyu can not perfunctory his heart.Years of no contact with his family, his heart has accumulated guilt to the limit, the earthquake like a fuse ignited these guilt, let him suffer very.Lei Zhenyu is very afraid of their parents and sister in the earthquake damage, if they have something wrong, they will carry unfilial psychological shadow suffering life.At this time, Xiaoding also encouraged him to go home to visit his parents, eliminate the previous conflict.Thought backward, Lei Zhenyu chuai ten thousand dollars set foot on the train home.In the car, he met many strangers who were also on their way to Sichuan, carrying medicine and necessary supplies to volunteer in the disaster area.In the continuous drive, all the people are discussing how to earthquake relief.After chatting with these people, Mr. Lei decided to join them, forming a small group with several people sitting next to him in the car and traveling to the disaster area to volunteer.When the train arrived in Chengdu, they asked someone how to volunteer in the disaster area.Coincidentally, they asked the man who happened to be a volunteer from out of town, driving a pickup and a van, and the group swelled to a dozen volunteers.After asking the Liaison office of sichuan Provincial Party Committee for earthquake relief, they were sent to Shifang.As dong Duilei was the oldest, the liaison office appointed him as the leader of the 12-member team.The identity of Lei Zhenyu suddenly changed and became the volunteer “Captain Dong” in Shifang.After entering Shifang, Lei Zhenyu and other volunteers, neither afraid of hardship nor afraid of fatigue, always running in the front line.For example, Yang Tinghua, a local villager, lost many of his relatives and friends. He was injured and hospitalized. He only had a daughter who had just turned 18 years old.There are still many agaric unpicked in their greenhouses, and they are about to lose twenty or thirty thousand yuan.Lei Zhenyu with his small team to work overtime to help them pick, night to keep the lonely girl to her sense of security.During my time as a volunteer in Shifang, the team of 12 members helped many local villagers pick their agaric, avoiding losses of at least 10,000 yuan for each family, and some even 30,000 yuan.Such a day although hard but also very full.At the same time, Lei Zhenyu is also thinking about the trend of his life problem: does he want to surrender?To be honest, his heart quivered every time he heard his teammates call him “Captain Dong” and villagers shout the name “Dong Dui Lei” to thank him.It is not that he is afraid of being found out who he is at such a time, but that it is a sad life to hide his name and even do good deeds.Everywhere in the disaster area to see people’s selfless love and dedication, also let him be baptized.As it happened, he met a volunteer from Guangxi, a retired police officer surnamed Tan.Lei Zhenyu will take the initiative to talk to him, his story is a friend, asked Tan police officer should do.Tan officer said without hesitation: “should surrender, surrender is the only way out.”Before Lei Zhenyu understanding of the law is not much, this time he in tan police officer this hard to fill a lesson.From tan police officer he knew that surrender will be a lighter punishment, Tan police officer also pointed out to him the surrender method.In this way, Lei Zhenyu made up his mind to surrender.On the morning of June 4, he received the “earthquake relief honor certificate” at the Shifang City earthquake relief headquarters, and donated his four thousand yuan in cash to the disaster area, Lei Zhenyu shook hands with his partners one by one.When everyone said to leave their contact information, Lei Zhenyu laughed and said, “I can’t say where I will go in the future.” He confessed his wanted identity to his partners.Heard “captain Dong” so said, the players are temporarily some stunned.These days “Captain Dong” is eager to work, eager and willing to spare no effort, hardly like a wanted man.Lei Zhenyu smiled and did not explain.Finally, two young men did not believe him and accompanied him to the Chengdu Procuratorate.Only when he was actually detained by the prosecutor’s office did people believe that he was serious.On July 10, Junlian County public Security bureau decided to make a bail for Lei Zhenyu, who had surrendered to the police in Junlian County, considering that he had no harm to the society and had made a positive performance in earthquake relief.Mr. Lei briefly walked out of detention and was free to contact his family.He first to Shanghai xiaoding made a phone call, honest to her confessed his criminal escape process, told her that he had surrendered, do not know how many years to sit in prison, let her find happiness.After all, two people have to get along with the identity of lovers for a long time, Lei Zhenyu in order not to delay xiaoding’s happiness to her honest, he also very reluctant, so he said he would say after hanging up the phone.Soon xiaoding sent him a message: “No matter how many years, I will wait for you.”Seeing this, Lei zhenyu burst into tears.Later, he found the former victim with the help of junlian County public Security bureau, made a compensation of 5,000 yuan to him, and made a sincere apology to junlian County.The public Security Bureau also helped him find his parents who had moved to Zigong, Sichuan province, so that he could finally see his parents and sister after 11 years of absence.On November 12, 2008, Junlian County People’s Court heard the case.Because Lei Zhenyu is the first offender, during the run did not commit a crime again, in the earthquake relief has a positive performance, and voluntarily surrendered, can be reduced punishment.Lei was sentenced to three years in prison with four years of probation.After his release, Lei Zhenyu returned to Shanghai with ease and continued his work as a chef.He is no longer to buy a house on the grounds of delay marriage, but as soon as possible and Xiaoding set up a home of two people.People who have lost their way and come back eventually have a happy life.