Zhang Yiming has resigned from bytedance corporation. “It is a normal change and no longer participates in daily management.

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Source: Beijing NewsYi-ming zhang exits many bytes beating associated companies position on 27 January, yi-ming zhang more than outgoing bytes to beat associated company legal representative, including bytes to beat network technology co., LTD., Beijing jump network technology co., LTD., Shanghai words jump network technology co., LTD., and because the network science and technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. And Beijing Shi Bei technology co., LTD.According to the information, Zhang yiming is no longer the legal representative of any company.Earlier, according to media reports, Zhang yiming has stepped down as the legal representative of Tianjin Bytedance Haihe Management Consulting Co., LTD, Tianjin Tongrong E-commerce Co., LTD and Tianjin Bytedance Management Consulting Co., LTD.Currently, The legal representative of Beijing Bytedance Network Technology Co., Ltd. is Zhang Lidong, chairman of Beijing Bytedance.In May 2021, Zhang released a letter to byteDance, announcing that he was stepping down as CEO to focus on long-term priorities such as long-term strategy, corporate culture and social responsibility.In June, Zhang donated 500 million yuan to his hometown longyan city in Fujian province to establish the Fangmei Education Development Fund to support local education development.In November of the same year, Bytedance co-founder Liang Rubo took over as CEO and chairman of bytedance. In an email to all bytedance employees, he announced the organizational restructuring and the establishment of six business segments — Douyin, Dda Education, Feishu, Huoengine, Zhaoxi Lightyear and TikTok.All responsible persons of relevant business sections report to Liang Rubo.According to people close to Bytedance, Mr Liang has taken full responsibility for the company’s overall development and Mr Zhang’s removal from the legal representative of several affiliated companies is a normal change in corporate governance.The person said That Zhang Yiming no longer participate in the company’s internal bi-monthly meetings, no longer participate in the day-to-day management of the company.