Us media steph Curry hit 3 hilarious details: Ignored!Kings players pass curry without guarding

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 4, Beijing time, golden State Warriors at home against the Sacramento Kings.In the first quarter of the game, the media picked up a detail of Curry’s three-pointer, and the Kings left Curry open for a three-pointer, which he nailed.In the first quarter of the game, the Warriors launched a comeback, and curry made a stop from beyond the three-point line that was ignored.Holmes ignored Curry and went straight to the basket. More importantly, Holmes walked right by Curry.However, he did not make any defensive moves.Holmes then ignored Curry and ran to the basket, where curry was wide open and hit a 3-pointer to stop the Kings.To make matters worse, Holmes was replaced by Jones after a timeout.In the first quarter, the Warriors played very well, curry and Thompson also played together.Curry drew two defenders in the right corner, and with a straight plug in his right hand, he ran through the three and found Klay at the bottom corner, who pulled up the ball for a 3-pointer into the net.Curry and Thompson both made two of their 3-pointers and scored eight points in the first quarter as golden State took a 34-23 lead.