Peace of mind!Changzhi people “vegetable basket”, “rice bag”, “fruit plate” in full display

2022-05-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter visited some shopping malls and supermarkets in Changzhi City.Major businesses said they had done their homework and prepared their New Year goods well in advance to ensure fresh supply of food baskets, rice bags and fruit dishes.All kinds of fresh vegetables come into Jinwei Supermarket, which is full of food.Regular Spring Festival commodities such as rice, flour, grain and oil, dairy products and all kinds of dried fruit snacks have been placed in the display “C” position.Reporters learned that the supermarket fresh and fruit and vegetable popularity is the most prosperous, customers have queued for weighing, some pushing shopping cart shuttle.Yin Fengqun, a citizen who came to buy fresh pork, told reporters, “During the Chinese New Year, supermarkets are open normally, and commodity prices are stable, especially pork and last year’s price dropped significantly, shopping is convenient and comfortable!”Jinwei Supermarket taixi store fresh department director Shen Hongmei introduced, “During the Spring Festival, supermarkets actively stock up, buy a variety of fresh vegetables, to ensure a variety of goods, fresh affordable, to meet more customer needs.”In this year’s Spring Festival shopping tide, most citizens like to buy goods with a New Year atmosphere, fruits, dried fruit, candy products are very popular, frozen food is also a member of the Spring Festival “atmosphere group”.In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, travel and dining are relatively reduced, and consumers tend to eat dinner at home on New Year’s Eve, which increases the demand for healthy food.”These days, the average daily customer flow in supermarkets is around 2,000 people.We have fully stocked up on supplies and launched various promotional activities in response to market demand while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.”Jinwei supermarket too west store office director Li Hu said.In addition, the supermarket also strict quality control, random samples every day for testing, to understand the channels of goods, check the import and export vouchers, to ensure that food products can be traced back to the source, risk control, whereabouts can be checked, so that the public to buy the New Year at ease, eat at ease.(Source: GUI Bin, Changzhi Daily)