How expensive are students’ shoes?The class teacher carefully investigated and published a proposal in the parent group

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School uniform we must have worn, some people dislike their school uniform ugly and soil, wearing on the body is very ugly, but let everyone wear school uniform is to prevent students from keeping up with the Joneses.And the uniform is loose and durable, for many families to save a sum of money to buy clothes.For school uniforms, parents are very supportive, but many students do not support wearing uniform in school, that is to deprive students of the opportunity to show their personality, hinder the free development of students’ personality.However, if school uniforms are not mandatory, you can’t imagine how serious the phenomenon of keeping up with the Joneses can be.There is a senior three teacher in charge of his class of students wearing shoes carried out a survey, don’t ask don’t know, a startled, the children wear shoes than a expensive.The teacher first asked the first student’s shoes, the first student said his shoes only more than 600 yuan, heard here the teacher was shocked, what is only 600 yuan?Is there anything more expensive than that?Then, the teacher asked the second boy how much the shoes cost, the second classmate said his shoes cost more than nine hundred, the teacher was completely shocked, this pair of shoes are made of gold, to spend more than nine hundred dollars?The teacher summoned up the courage to ask the last student, originally thought that more than nine hundred shoes are expensive enough, but the last student’s shoes actually cost one thousand three hundred yuan.The teacher was shocked. Why would a student wear such expensive shoes?Even if the family doesn’t need money, they can’t buy such expensive shoes.Behind this phenomenon is the prevalent abnormal values and serious comparison among students.Later, in order to curb the phenomenon of comparing with the joneses in class, the teacher issued an initiative: in order to let children develop correct values, in order to eliminate the phenomenon of comparing with the joneses in class, in the future, it is forbidden to wear shoes of more than 500 yuan into the campus.Finally, the teacher also said that this matter is only an initiative, will not force students’ behavior.Then the teacher wrote his proposal to the parents group, but the parents read it and expressed different opinions.Some parents think that students wear shoes costing thousands of yuan, which is not a common phenomenon, maybe only in some first-tier cities, and usually students basically wear sneakers costing hundreds of yuan.And now the family condition is good, let the child dress a little bit better what is wrong?Some parents believe that there is nothing wrong with children wearing more than a thousand shoes, but students are still young and immature, and should form the good habit of thrift at this age, instead of forming the habit of spending money lavishly.And now students are easy to produce psychological comparison, which is detrimental to students’ physical and mental development.Although some parents support some opposition, but all understand that the teacher this is for the good of the students, so are very supportive of the teacher’s practice.However, some online comments made people feel uncomfortable. Some netizens thought that the teacher was too lenient and that it was none of the teacher’s business what kind of shoes the students wanted to wear.Expensive shoes are proof of financial strength.Should rich students be accompanied by poor students in order to take care of poor students?Is this fair to rich students?How much money to buy shoes is their own business, rich to buy expensive no money to buy cheap is not ok.Is it necessary to publish such a proposal?Although I do not know what these users think, but most of the users are still very supportive of the teacher in charge of the practice, and xiaobian is also very supportive of the teacher in charge of the practice.Although rich children can afford thousands of dollars of shoes, but now most of the students are from working-class families, although the family is not poor, but also not how rich.A pair of shoes costing thousands of yuan is really a big burden for such families. If they do not buy them for their children, they are afraid that their children will lose face in front of the students. If they buy them for their children, they are too expensive.This is the psychological victim of comparison.Not only the teacher in charge, many teachers are teaching their students do not compare, we are still students, with parents’ money to compare is not the ability, have the ability to take their own results to compare, see who work hard, see who study well.This is now the most students should compare.