Haikou two sessions | a number of CPPCC members to do a good job of “double reduction” advice

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New Hainan client, South China Sea network, Southern Metropolis daily on January 27 news (reporter Huang Ting Party Zhaofeng) January 27, the first meeting of the 14th Committee of the CPPCC Haikou City opened.Many CPPCC members focused on the topic of “double reduction” and put forward their own suggestions on school curriculum and teachers’ ability cultivation.Pu Yu, member of haikou CPPCC: Bold reform combined with Hainan’s advantages to build a comprehensive development of the training system pu Yu, member of Haikou CPPCCReporter Wu Xingcai photo “the ‘double reduction’ should not only do a good job of reducing students’ heavy homework and after-school training burden ‘, but also promote children’s all-round development, personality development ‘addition’.”Haikou haikou experimental school headmaster of the affiliated high school of CPPCC and NPC PuYu think, completes the “ShuangJian”, primary and secondary schools should be bold to change, and combining curriculum construction, and after service, combined with the location, resources and policy advantage of hainan province, build the cultivation of the art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development system, construct the corresponding course system,Including the reform of curriculum objectives, curriculum content, curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation, highlighting the cultivation of core literacy.”The change of curriculum implementation is the requirement of effective teaching concept combined with the development of The Times.”She said, in the post-industrial era (or the Internet age, it has even been called yuan universe age), require different disciplines knowledge to solve practical problems and to this end, her school design break the barrier of the discipline of project learning, PBL experiential learning, interdisciplinary learning activities such as teaching mode, to help students better prepared for the future.”In essence, the ‘double reduction’ has changed the curriculum objectives. Our schools in the basic education stage are actively exploring and have made steps in the curriculum content and evaluation, such as rich and colorful courses, music exams with both shape and quality.”She said.Pu Yu also suggested that, in view of the current situation of teachers, we should break through the inherent pattern of teacher training mode, give full play to the leading role of famous teachers’ studios, and pay attention to maintaining the independence of teachers’ thinking and the diversity of teaching and research, so as to avoid becoming a one-word lecture.In terms of group, the plan for the growth of young teachers, the plan for outstanding backbone teachers and the plan for the excellence of expert teachers should be established.Individually, teachers are guided to reflect on the basis of practice and grow up on their own shoulders.Pay attention to professional cooperation, stand on the shoulders of the team to grow;Provide expert guidance, stand on the shoulders of masters to grow, to achieve a better professional growth paradigm.Lai Zhouyi, CPPCC member of Haikou City: Carry out diversified teacher skills training to better implement after-school characteristic services.Lai Zhouyi, a member of the Haikou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and a teacher of Haikou Dingcun Primary School, suggested that diversified teacher skills training be carried out to better implement the featured services of the “double reduction” policy.”At present, there are basically two modes of delayed tutoring in schools: one is basic services, focusing on guiding students to complete homework;The second is characteristic services, mainly by the school to establish associations and lead students to carry out colorful learning activities.”Lai said that currently many small and medium-sized schools mainly use the first method, and are not able to carry out the stage of featured services, the main reasons include insufficient teachers, space and so on.”The problem many schools face is that there are not enough teachers with a certain scale of specialty services.”Lai suggested that schools should strengthen guidance and guidance in school supervision, and help weak schools to establish a distinctive service model suitable for the development of their students.Not limited to subjects, the credit system is used to encourage teachers with interests and ideas to participate in some long-term and effective skill-based training that can support the development of school associations, or encourage technicians to send teachers to school for training, so as to increase the reserve of teachers in this area;Establish characteristic teacher volunteer resource network in the region, namely characteristic teacher resource bank, speed up the grouping of characteristic teachers, encourage characteristic teachers to participate in the construction of small and medium-sized weak schools.”To implement the ‘double reduction’ work, there are still a lot of places to explore, but teachers are always the leading conditions.”She said.Haikou city CPPCC member wu ching wenkai: five aspects to optimize urban elementary school student-faculty ratios “in recent years, the stage of compulsory education teachers team construction in haikou city although have achieved good results, but in deepening education and teaching reform, comprehensively promote quality education and promote the balanced development of the education process, a serious shortage of urban elementary school teachers, as a result some problems.”Wu Qingkai, member of the Haikou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and principal of Meisha Branch school of Haikou Binhai Ninth Primary School, pointed out in “Suggestions on optimizing the teacher-student ratio of urban primary schools in Our city under the background of” double reduction “that, according to official data, in 2020, the teacher-student ratio of Haikou primary schools was 1:20.8, significantly lower than the national average in the same year.”A total of 3,031 public primary and secondary school teachers in Haikou are short of staff, which results in a heavy workload for on-duty teachers, especially after-school delayed service, which makes teachers’ burden heavier. Temporary teachers are highly mobile, and the unstable teaching staff is not conducive to school management and teachers’ continuous professional growth.”He said.”In the next few years, as Haikou’s education is outstanding, the aggregation effect of running schools is becoming more and more obvious. It is difficult to change the situation of running big education in Haikou, and the problem of teacher shortage will become more serious.”To improve the education quality of teaching, alleviate the pressure of the burden of teachers’ teaching and the school of management, to better cultivate students’ comprehensive development, wu ching wenkai suggest five aspects: 1, the city public based on free trade port construction, actively negotiate with province related departments, through innovation management mechanism and emancipate the mind, to prepare the standard and the growth in total, such as, enable the move troops than the 1:3, or a new teacher-student ratio of 1:16 to relieve the teaching burden of schools and teachers.2. Considering the factors such as teachers’ off-duty training, maternity leave and volunteer teaching, the system shall be adjusted according to the principle of no more than 7%.The service personnel of logistics, school doctors and other positions shall not occupy the establishment of the enterprise, and the staffing standards shall be implemented according to the provisions of the industry, and shall be solved by purchasing services from the society, which shall not be included in the establishment and management.3. Improve the accreditation of teachers.In the Reference Table of Teacher Allocation Ratio of Various Subjects in Hainan Primary Schools, there are no corresponding teacher certificates or professional titles for courses such as comprehensive practice, writing, ecological civilization, Excellent Traditional Chinese culture, thematic education and school-based courses, which makes many teachers unwilling to undertake full-time teaching of these subjects.The competent departments of education should carry out job-transfer training for teachers with similar majors but relative surplus, so as to supplement teachers in short disciplines, and let teachers enjoy the same treatment as full-time teachers and the qualification of professional title evaluation.4, strengthen all primary schools in haikou city education situation of investigation and study, to investigate the distribution of the students, give full consideration to the economic construction, residents living conditions change, take a long-term perspective, to scientific and reasonable layout, primary school is to increase the number of school, or on the basis of the original primary school renovation, expansion, replacement, or consolidation.5, orderly or advance recruitment of new teachers, to avoid teacher fault, so that the development of education tends to be stable.It is necessary to attract college graduates with high academic degrees to engage in primary education and constantly improve the educational level of primary school teachers.Responsible editor: Wei Xiaofan