Ant Wealth responded to the withdrawal of Glen Fund weekly sales list: net redemption does not enter the weekly sales list

2022-05-08 0 By

Sanyan Finance news on February 15, regarding the withdrawal of the Fund managed by Gulen from the weekly sales list of golden Selection fund on ant platform, according to the Report of Every Jing network, Ant Wealth said again:”In order to improve the ranking logic of the list, since February 12, the dimension of ‘weekly net subscription amount’ has been added on the basis of single subscription number. When a product’s weekly net subscription amount is negative (i.e. net redemption), it will not enter the weekly sales list.The starting point of the list rules adjustment is to more comprehensively present the market situation and better protect the rights and interests of investors.However, due to our work mistake, the rules page of the weekly sales list was not updated at the same time when the ranking was updated, so we are very sorry for the misunderstanding caused, and we will optimize it immediately.”