Traffic management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security: The road traffic safety situation is stable during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-05-07 0 By

Lunar New Year holiday, the national public security traffic administration as a whole the Spring Festival the Spring Festival and the winter Olympics traffic security, with surface protection, alarm linkage, department coordination, regional collaboration, go all out to prevent accidents, security, unimpeded, the successful completion of the lunar New Year holiday and the winter Olympics opening ceremony traffic security, for the people celebrate the New Year and the Olympic winter games held successfully created a good road traffic environment.During the Spring Festival, road traffic safety was stable across the country. No traffic accidents with more than 5 deaths were reported, and the number of traffic accidents with more than 3 deaths decreased by 44% year on year.During the Spring Festival, the national public security traffic administration on the highway, GuoShengDao tightly, rural and urban battlefield “big four”, combined with the “big reduction control action, start the high grade service mode, maximum limit will be put into a line forces, equipment, daily on policing 154000 people, more than 53000 police cars vehicle-timeses, highlight the key period, key areas, key important node, road,A special crackdown on drunk driving has been carried out, and a special crackdown has been carried out on illegal activities involving carpooling, chartering and overloading of passengers. Traffic order has been strictly controlled and serious violations investigated, and traffic order has been cleaned up, effectively safeguarding road traffic safety.For east China during Spring Festival, parts of the south, southwest, northwest frequent freezing rain and snow weather situation, the national public security traffic administration department linkage, regional coordination, highland collaboration, joint transportation, meteorological departments launched emergency mechanism, adjust police deployment and service arrangements, strengthen patrol, bridge and tunnel and interchanges and other key sections of controls,Rescue vehicles, clearance equipment and emergency supplies have been placed on key road sections, and measures such as police car belts, speed limit and intermittent release have been taken in accordance with weather changes to ensure road safety in inclement weather. No multi-vehicle traffic accidents have occurred in China.The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and from tomorrow to the Lantern Festival, the return passenger flow will continue to show a concentrated trend. In addition, according to the Forecast of the Central and eastern regions of China, rain will increase in the latter half of the Spring Festival travel rush, and severe weather such as rain, snow and haze will occur frequently.The majority of drivers should always put traffic safety in the first place, pay close attention to the weather forecast and early warning information before travel, and plan travel routes in advance;Rain and snow wet road, to reduce the speed, increase the distance with the car, avoid rapid acceleration, brake, emergency direction;Once a traffic accident occurs, to keep in mind the “car pull over, people evacuated, namely the alarm” 9 words formula, avoid the occurrence of two accidents.As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are underway, drivers entering and leaving Beijing are advised to understand the traffic control policies of Beijing in advance and the regulations of the Olympic lane in the competition area. They should consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations while driving, yield to the special vehicles for the Winter Olympic Games, and jointly create a safe, orderly and smooth traffic environment.(Source: