The situation has changed!Four-party talks between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France have ended with Russia and Ukraine agreeing to observe a ceasefire

2022-05-07 0 By

USA is going to miscalculate again!Much to the disappointment of America, four-way talks between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France have ended and Ukraine and Russia have agreed to observe a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.Recently, in order to safeguard its own interests, the United States has continuously suppressed and interfered with Russia’s development, in an attempt to contain Russia’s progress in this way, thus reducing Russia’s influence in the world and easing the pressure brought by Russia on the United States.And heating up again and again recently “conflict” to Ukraine, is actually an evil trick in the United States, they release signals to Ukraine with NATO, claim will support Ukraine, Ukraine constantly provoke Russia, make the whole situation has repeatedly to heat up, the two sides to face war, and this is also the thought of seeing the situation,Because their goal is to use chaos like this to curb Russia’s development.But something unexpected happened recently when Russia and Ukraine agreed to observe a ceasefire as the four-way talks ended.Russia and Ukraine have agreed to abide by a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine after eight hours of “Normandy” talks between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany in Paris, according to reports.To this, some analysts think, so it seems the counsel of the United States and then to miscalculation, for the purpose of the United States is to manipulate provoke Russia, Ukraine and Russia for Russia to Ukraine, and expand the fighting large area, so the United States can stand beside the theatre, and profit from it, but now both sides have claimed to Ukraine to abide by a cease-fire agreement,Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the United States?However, there is, according to the analysis of Russia and Ukraine can abide by the cease-fire agreement, now it is all related to the participation of Germany and France, after Russia had been actively seeking talks with the United States and NATO, but after several talks did not resolve differences have deepened a lot of contradictions, because the United States is not thinking about resolve differences with Russia,But there are now involved in France and Germany, the situation has improved, that’s because Ukraine conflict interests in Germany and France, they has a great dependence on Russian gas, if angered Russia, “nord stream – 2” projects are involved, the interests of European countries will certainly be involved, so the franco-german purpose must be mixed in the talks.War, on the whole, the development of a country and the consequences of the masses is very heavy, but all the time in the United States made the chaos, this move is very dangerous, so the world should see the United States, to prevent the hegemony of the United States to continue to use the bad state of mind to maintain their, only in this way, to continue the development of the peace and stability in the world.(Mathenmoon)