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Have you paid attention to the second round of “double First-class” construction universities and construction disciplines list released in February?The “double First-class” disciplines announced this time are fundamentally different from the previous projects 985 and 211.The construction of “double first-class” disciplines is mainly to solve the problem of “one university with one name”, avoid excessive integration of universities, guide and encourage universities to develop their own characteristic disciplines and advantageous disciplines, and concentrate on training high-level talents urgently needed by the country.In terms of discipline allocation, science and engineering disciplines and talents are mainly trained, and there are as many as 30 materials science and engineering majors in the list.A number of basic subjects are also involved, with “chemistry” appearing 22 times and “mathematics” 13 times.Compared with the first round of the list, the biggest change in the second round of the “double first-class” list is that it no longer distinguishes between first-class universities and first-class disciplines, but only highlights the concept of “double first-class” disciplines.Therefore, as soon as the list is published, the universities and students with a large number of “double First-class” disciplines are encouraged, while the universities with a small number of “double first-class” disciplines are also alarmed by the public warning or even the direct withdrawal of “double first-class” disciplines.In addition to Beijing university, tsinghua university can be released “on their own and independence in the construction of the discipline”, the second round of named “double top” subject more college, zhejiang university, fudan university, Shanghai jiaotong university, nanjing university, renmin university of China, Beijing normal university, southeast university, China university of science and technology, wuhan university, sun yat-sen university,Each of the 10 universities has more than 10 disciplines awarded the “double First-class” award.Click here to get the list of “Double First-class” disciplines in EXCEL >>> The second round of “double First-class” disciplines list flooded the screen!Private equity circle which fund managers Alma mater shortlisted?For private equity institutions, if their fund managers come from universities with more “double first-class” disciplines, or even from “double first-class” disciplines, their talent pool will undoubtedly be further verified.In the future recruitment, private equity can also take “double first-class” discipline as one of the reference indicators for talent selection.So what are the fund managers from the “double first-class” discipline more universities, or directly from the “double first-class” discipline?Let’s find out.Private circle “north” alumni cluster billions tsinghua alumni more according to private equity holdings in private network incomplete statistics, including bachelor, master and doctor, currently in tube securities private funds for at least one, and as the first line managers of private people, graduated from Beijing university in 89, graduated from tsinghua university, 89.Nine of them have mixed backgrounds of Peking University and Tsinghua University.The number of private equity fund managers from north Chungcheong Province is now 169.Ten billion of private placement, There are Xizang Source Lesheng assets Zeng Xiaojie, Sixie investment Chen Panying, black wing assets Chen Zehao, Gaoyi assets Han Haifeng, Gold Tinetium assets Ren Sihong, Le Rui assets Wang Xiaodong and other people graduated from Peking University.There are more 10 billion private equity fund managers graduated from Tsinghua University than Peking University,Have a plate of Beijing investment Cui Tongkui, Yu DE feng, Yu JinTianZhen and sheng DE investment assets. Sichuan, sheng asset Xu Hua, get together liou j w, gather capital jian-dong wang, sound investment xiao-long liu, gathering sound investment wang, han kun investment and capital xiao-chun luo and 9 Wang Chen, china-eu rainbow wei-zhi wu, of assets Xu Shunan, Kingston and endowment GuanXu small celebration, surplus capital Zhou Qiwei peak, predator shotsZhu Jigang, red – chip investment zou Yi graduated from Tsinghua University.Haifeng Han is a partner, research director and fund manager at Gao Yi Asset.In terms of academic qualifications, Han haifeng holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Tsinghua University, a master of Economics degree from Peking University, and a master of finance degree from The University of Hong Kong. He is one of the few fund managers in the private equity industry with educational background from Tsinghua University, Peking University and The University of Hong Kong. He has more than 10 years of investment research experience and once worked in public offering institutions.Currently, One FOF fund, Gao Yi Select FOF, is managed by Han Haifeng.Tibet source LeSheng assets xiao-jie zeng is a trained managers, he is a master of Beijing university of finance and economics bachelor, worked China life insurance capital operation center, China life asset management co., LTD., have the insurance information and enterprise annuity management experience for many years, formed the investment value of investment style,Now I am responsible for the overall investment decision and the work of the investment department of Xizang Yuanlesheng Assets.Zhong Rong Le Sheng Stock Select Securities Investment is zeng Xiaojie’s longest running fund, which has been under management since May 2009.Dunhe Asset Management xu Xiaoqing also belongs to the class background, graduated from Tsinghua University international finance major, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics.Xu Xiaoqing used to be the managing director of the fixed income department of CICC, where he worked on domestic fixed income market strategies for nearly 11 years.In 2013.Xu Xiaoqing joined Dunhe Asset Management. Currently, he is a member of the management Committee and chief economist of Dunhe Asset Management. He is engaged in the research of global financial asset allocation, and his products are “Dunhe Macro Hedging No. 1”.Chen Panying of Sixie Investment is one of the representative fund managers.Chen Panying before creation thought Xie investment in d. e. shaw group (D.E.S haw) futures quantitative trading department is responsible for the quantitative strategy development, before that worked in the United States department of Goldman sachs derivatives analysis, has a doctorate in physics from the university of Maryland, bachelor’s degree in physics from Beijing university, has more than 10 years experience in quantitative investment management in China and the United States,Currently, I am the investment and investment director of Sixie, responsible for the company’s investment management and strategy development.Chen Panying’s products are mainly managed futures and stock strategies. As of February 11, the data showed that the return of “Sixie investment – China Securities 500 Index Enhancement no. 1” in nearly one year was ***%, and the return of relative value product “Sixie 29” in nearly one year was ***%.The second round of “double First-class” discipline list is flooding the screen!Private equity circle which fund managers Alma mater shortlisted?Non – class background also pan Beijing investment Cui Tongkui.Cui Tongkui graduated from the department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University in 2008. He used to work at China Amc, managing China Renaissance and China Amc Growth Funds, and is now a fund manager at Panjing Investment.Zou Yi of Red Chip Investment belongs to the “change major” type player. She has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in finance from the Department of Biology of Tsinghua University. She once worked in Peng Securities and Hong Kong Xijing Investment and other institutions.The data of shenzhen Red Chip Fuxing no.2, which it manages, as of Jan. 28, showed a return of ***% in the past year.The second round of “double First-class” discipline list is flooding the screen!Private equity circle which fund managers Alma mater shortlisted?Zhejiang University, Fudan university, Shanghai Jiaotong University which private placement alumni?In the second round of “Double First-class” discipline selection, Zhejiang University has been shortlisted 21 disciplines, ranking first among all universities except Tsinghua university and Peking University.According to incomplete statistics of private equity Blou Net, a total of 23 private equity fund managers graduated from Zhejiang University.Liu Wei, a master of Electronic information Engineering from Zhejiang University, has rich experience in the Internet industry. He has worked for Ali Software, Baidu Business Search Department, Shanda Games and Tencent Technology.In addition, Liu wei is engaged in securities and futures trading based on fundamentals combined with technical analysis.In April 2016, Liu Wei joined Jiuzhang Asset As a fund manager and strategy researcher, engaged in quantitative strategy research.At present, Liu Wei manages a quantitative multi-strategy product – “Nine chapters magic square value Enterprising no. 1”.Xinyi wang of chenrui investment holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic information engineering from zhejiang university, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Universityof Nebraska, and an MBA from CranfieldUniversity. She used to work in guotai junan and is currently the legal representative and chairman of chenrui investment.Engaged in corporate strategic planning, policy formulation and implementation, macro hedging strategy research and fundamental research.As of February 11, the revenue of “Chenrui CTA Prime No. 1” managed by him was ***%.The second round of “double First-class” discipline list is flooding the screen!Private equity circle which fund managers Alma mater shortlisted?Fudan University has shi Feng asset Guo Feng, Star stone investment Jiang Hui, Ming 汯 investment Qiu Huiming, Ming Stone investment Xu Ji, Silver leaf investment Xu Si Yang and other private equity industry alumni.Huiming Qiu is the chairman of Ming 汯 Investment. He has a PhD and a Master’s degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s degree in physics from Fudan University.He has over 19 years of investment experience in quantitative investment strategies, event-driven and macro arbitrage investments in the United States for many years. He has been a senior investment Manager at HAPCapital, a hedge fund, Millennium Investment Manager, and an investment manager in the proprietary quantitative trading department of Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse Investment Bank, and UBS Investment Bank.”Ming 汯CTA No. 2″ managed by the company’s data as of Jan. 28 showed a one-year return of ***%.Shanghai Jiao Tong University has many private equity alumni, such as Chen Bin of Qianxiang Asset, Luo Xiaochun of Hanhe Capital and Wang Xiaohan of Mingshi Investment.Chen Bin holds a master’s degree in communication and information system from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He used to be the head of strategic research in financial Engineering department and Asset management Department of a large futures company. He has a good understanding of quantitative strategy research and development management and product operation.It manages “Thousand Elephants Issue 21 A”, A quantitative trend product, with returns of ***% in the year to February 11th.Is your Alma mater in the shortlist?Feel free to discuss in the comments section