Xu jiayin vowed to continue to run the football business, the club accumulated losses of more than 7.6 billion yuan in seven years

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Nandu news reporter Ye Lin Fang debt crisis, Evergrande adhere to the business of football.According to market information, China Evergrande held a football management meeting on February 19.Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of Directors of Evergrande Group, said at the meeting that Evergrande will continue to unswervingly do well in football, and guangzhou team will be positioned as “cradle and platform” in the future.Meanwhile, Wang Yajun, president of evergrande Football School, is also chairman of Guangzhou Football Club, while Gao Han is the club’s general manager.Evergrande an insider confirmed this news to nandu reporters.On March 1, 2010, Evergrande Group bought out all the equity of Guangzhou Football Club for 100 million yuan, and the club was officially renamed Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club.In 2014 season, Alibaba Group increased capital and shares of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club, which was renamed Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Team.In January 2021, the club changed its name again to Guangzhou Football Club.In the 2015 season, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club was listed on the New Third Board, becoming “the first Asian football stock”.Data from Wind show that from 2015 to 2019, the net profit of Evergrande Taobao Club lost 953 million yuan, 812 million yuan, 986 million yuan, 1.829 billion yuan and 1.94 billion yuan respectively.Adding in the loss of nearly 1 billion yuan in the two years before listing, Guangzhou Football Club has lost more than 7.6 billion yuan in seven years.Evergrande shares in 11 years, Guangzhou team record does show strength.In the past 11 years, the club has won 17 Asian Champions League, Chinese Super League, FA Cup and Super Cup, including two Asian Champions League titles, eight Chinese Super League titles and four Super Cups.High player salaries and transfer fees are one of the root causes of the club’s financial problems.According to industry insiders, 10 years ago, Evergrande pioneered the initiative to disclose the details of the team’s prize money.1 million yuan per person per main force in a single match.According to the 2019 global sports salary survey released by sports research agency sportingintelligence at the end of 2019, the average annual salary of guangzhou evergrande players is 1.82 million pounds (16.47 million yuan), second only to players from Shanghai sipg.However, on February 16, the market outflow of a guangzhou football club red documents, the club’s players to determine the latest salary standards.According to the document, the basic salary of 30 first-team players is 60,000 yuan per year and the maximum salary is 600,000 yuan per year.Guangzhou Team delisted from the New Third Board in March 2021. According to the 2019 annual report, the total assets of Guangzhou Team are 2.48 billion yuan, and the shareholders’ equity of the attributable listed company is -4.15 billion yuan.