VIP courtesy cabin, Trumpchi M8 enjoy up to 8,000 yuan replacement subsidy

2022-05-06 0 By

The country’s top ten sales shop reputation assurance, manufacturers direct, affordable, better service!Store M8 luxury, creative leader, majestic appearance, VIP courteous cockpit, 390T ace move total, leading wisdom and technology, enjoy 0 down payment to send 3 years of strong insurance and millions of driving meaning insurance, the highest can enjoy 8000 yuan replacement subsidies (financial gift, replacement gift, convenient car purchase measures one-stop service);After-sale gift: in-store maintenance gift, transfer welfare, safety care gift);Ultra-low interest, our shop can also provide ultra-low down payment installment car purchase, insurance, license plate and other one-stop services, so that you can drive a new car at the first time.In the store a variety of financial mortgage options for your choice!0 down payment 0 interest;More two loans (driving license, ID card) fast review, the same day can pick up the car.This shop is a collection of old car replacement car installment insurance registration one-stop service, want to more preferential friends, you can leave your personal information or call the hotline: 171-4262-1332 free consultation.Please refer to the following table for details of the offer: The event will be held from February 20, 2022 to February 21, 2022