“Treasure appraisal every day” fire out of the circle, when treasure appraisal into a stunt, antique collectors can do?

2022-05-06 0 By

I, who has been on the edge of the antiques circle for years, have always been skeptical of the so-called “online live art appraisal program”. After all, it is not convincing to distinguish the authenticity of antiques only through the screen.But recently, I began to crazily addicted to brush the mobile phone to watch the online live broadcast of “Treasure Every Day”.Professional?No, because their “treasure hunting reality show” is hilarious.Every day treasure this program, originally just a platform to do antique sales, along with online identification.As a result, because several of their appraisal division eye poison, treasure appraisal fast, malicious mouth, a lot of people put the home of antiques live to their identification.”Teacher, have a look at this.” “Hey, this is a good thing, about three years younger.” “I think you can do five years with this.”A few days ago, a baoyou took a bronze sword of shang and Zhou king inlaid with chi dragon pattern on the hilt, which was considered by experts to be higher than gou Jian jian of Yue King, so the expert accurately described its value by sentencing it to death.The video has gone viral, with more than 2.3 million views.For a while, the show attracted a lot of fans, but to us serious “no fun-loving” people, it was a sham.It’s a stunt. It’s a reality show.The pink drill that crosses 100 million, zhang Daqian’s true work, qing Dynasty big crock…Can give a true or false judgment in just a few minutes, I’m afraid that even the cultural relics appraisal teachers in the Forbidden City can not reach such a level.The identification of cultural relics is always a hot topic. A large number of imitators whose authenticity is difficult to distinguish appear in the antique market, which makes the identification of authenticity of antiques become the focus.It’s hard to find a proper appraisal agency these days: an auction house?They get millions of dollars, they don’t have time to test you.Other small companies?Say you this thing value is livery city, stage a series of schemes to cheat you next high cost of appraisal, put on record cost etc.A friend’s recommendation?Generally, people who are not close to you don’t want to offend you.With the development of the Internet, more and more folk collectors choose to seek appraisals on we-media and Internet platforms. However, such a way cannot guarantee the level and authenticity of appraisers.Many platforms and we media pursue the flow economy, the more users they are more valuable, identification has inevitably become a stunt, in order to show the effect, and even people may come to the treasure are selected by thousands.By turning this serious matter of treasure appraisal into an entertaining meal video, they increase fans and traffic and achieve the purpose of secondary sales on their own platform.In 1983, in order to strengthen the protection and management of cultural relics, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage set up a state-level cultural relics appraisal institution — the State Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee.Up to now, it has set up 10 professional groups such as ceramics, bronze and jade, with 88 members in total.Official appraisal agencies, such as the State Cultural Heritage Appraisal Commission, belong to the public sector and are rarely appraised by ordinary folk collectors.Local and provincial appraisal stations, public museums and other appraisal institutions are mostly public institutions, which do not have the responsibility of providing appraisal services to folk collectors.Only some self-organized public welfare organizations will provide appraisals for you. Although they are free of charge, most of them are oral suggestions rather than written documents.To identify really have to see their own in the face of this situation, many real experts are also deeply sorry, can give advice is to exercise their own vision is the hard truth, rely on heaven and earth are not as good as rely on their own.Therefore, Yang Zhenhua, one of the members of the National Cultural Heritage Identification Committee, wants to share his nearly 50 years of experience, so that you can learn and check for your own identification.Ancient jade identification series tutorials were born!A set of courses, so that you really learn to gain, learn to gain, become their own expert.The learning stage has been set up for you, you want to learn the ancient jade identification knowledge is here, move a finger can immediately join in.For the price of one book, you get 63 ready-to-market dry lessons!Click the column below and subscribe now!