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Kevin Durant, who looks like a contractor, is a master of trash talk?Science?Durant’s level of trash talk was evident in the NBA Finals when he and Lebron James engaged in a flurry of trash talk that many wondered what they were talking about.It doesn’t matter what trash talk Durant has said, but he’s a great trash talker and there’s a strong case that Draymond Green once said durant is a great trash talker!”KD is one of the worst trash talkers I’ve seen since I’ve been in the league.’KD would show them his name on the back and say,’ Oh, I can’t argue with that, ‘because it’s Durant and he can dunk over you.”Yes, Durant is so ruthless, he doesn’t have to say anything, one more stupid BB, he’ll blow you up, and you can’t do anything about him!Charles Barkley — Yao makes Sean Bradley look like Bill Russell!Barkley is known as a big mouth, and his level of trash talk is certainly not ordinary, mainly because he dares to say it, and in so many years in the commentary box, you can see that he often gets to the point.Buckley of spam words most classic with so few words – “I do not know anything about Angola, but I know, they will soon have a big trouble,” the 1992 dream before with against Angola, barkley said in an interview, and the end result is a dream cleaned his opponent with 68 points, and Charles barkley really have the capital to say such things at that time.”Yao makes Sean Bradley look like bill Russell!”Barkley has been biased against Yao Ming for a long time, hence the pro-ass issue, barkley has suffered a major setback in his view of Yao’s strength.Barkley, of course, is best known for talking trash to his coach while everyone else talks trash to his opponents, even his teammates, his players. “Don’t take me out of the game.Like Yao Ming, the best way to do this is to laugh it off.Shaquille O ‘Neal – my grandma could have won a championship playing with Michael Jordan!O ‘Neal is a comedian, a stud, and his trash-talking skills are first-rate.About jerry Stackhouse fouling him in the 2006 Finals, he said, every time I come home, my daughter comes and gives me a hug that’s stronger than that.His fouls remind me of what a daughter feels like.Thank you, Jerry.Another time, shaquille O ‘Neal got into a scuffle with Charles barkley and ended up getting thrown, shaquille o ‘Neal said — that fat guy should feel lucky, he would have been damned if you hadn’t talked him out of it!Another time is the most classic, between O ‘Neal and Rodman, Rodman mocked O ‘Neal, said that he did not have a championship ring (o ‘Neal did not win a championship at that time), O ‘Neal retorted: “Rodman can only rebound, my grandmother and Michael Jordan played together could win a championship!”Shaquille O ‘Neal made fun of people for not having a ring, and Barkley was the victim.Draymond Green – we don’t need to beat them, let Westbrook do it.Oh oh!There he is! He’s got a few more and we’re done!In the case of Draymond Green, we don’t even need to list all the classic trash talk he’s uttered. He’s destined for this list, and not too low, as the picture above shows that his trash talk is pretty high.Green once said to Pierce, “You think you’re Kobe?The fans won’t love you that much. You can’t have a tour.”Usually people talk trash to their opponents on the court, but Green has talked trash to everyone, including coaches, teammates and referees. He once said he talked trash to the entire league, and even to Lebron James’ son.”We don’t need to beat them, let westbrook do it,” green once said to Westbrook.Oh oh!There he is! He’s got a few more and we’re done!Of course, you all know the classic line, it was to Westbrook’s first and best partner, Kevin Durant, we were champions before you got here.Reggie Miller — This one’s for you sons of bitches!Charles Barkley and Draymond Green have both been called big mouths, and Reggie Miller certainly lives up to that name.For those of you who don’t know Miller, his thin, spindly figure can make you feel relaxed, but if you get to know him, you know he’s the real deal.When Miller hit a game-winning shot in the 1994 playoffs, he jumped onto the technical stage and yelled at Knicks fans — this one’s for you sons of bitches!After that, he was definitely an enemy of New York.None of this may be enough to justify Miller’s reputation as a trash talker, but if you know that the only time Jordan got roughed up in his career was because of Miller’s unending trash talk, there’s no way Miller is not on this list.It’s a big deal to get Jordan to go rough.Kevin Garnett — you taste like donuts. There are probably few people in the league who want to talk trash to Duncan, but Garnett is different. He came into the league before Duncan, and it’s his job to teach kids a lesson.It’s been said that every player KG has played against has gotten spit out of him, and Duncan has gotten even worse.It’s interesting that KG was talking trash to YI. Maybe he saw yi play well, or maybe yao was too hard to guard. KG was talking trash to Yi, but it didn’t bother him.He’s like a robot, the guy’s so funny!”Yi said he didn’t understand what KG was saying, but probably spoke too fast, so he was unmoved.KG has said a lot of nasty and inappropriate trash talk that he’s not comfortable repeating in public, some of which he denies, but the classic trash talk about Melo blocking his bus is probably true, and he’s learned that he can’t repeat it ever since.Gary Payton — Passing you is like crossing the street in the morning.Peyton is known for his big mouth. Jordan shot the lowest percentage in six Finals games with Peyton on defense. Besides the fact that Peyton is indeed the defensive ceiling among point guards, could it have something to do with his trash talk?He used to say to the guy guarding him every time he made a great shot at Seattle — that’s why I’m worth $12 million, kid!There was a journalist who once said — he wasn’t the first person to say anything wrong on the pitch, but he was the most arrogant and creative, and because of him trash talk became an accepted part of the professional game.Peyton not only insulted opponents, but also opponents’ fans. Once a fan challenged him, Peyton immediately responded, “You pay to see me, but I’m not going to pay to see you. Why don’t you shut up and sit down and watch the game?”The most artistic trash talk Payton ever uttered was to the suave Grant Hill, then a rookie, who was guarding him. Passing you is like crossing the street in the morning!3. Michael Jordan — Is this big enough?Jordan is without a doubt the top master of trash talk, and only he can spray you, and it’s hard for you to spray him, because if you’re not careful, he’ll blow you up, knowing that he’ll be blown up, why bother?Of course, if you don’t, you’ll get shot.Peyton once told Jordan, ‘I have a super car and a big salary, which proves my worth.’Jordan replied, ‘Dude, I got all my supercars as gifts. I don’t need to buy them myself.’Peyton likes to talk trash in front of his opponents before the game, but Jordan caught him and gave him a lecture. Peyton didn’t score in that game, Jordan scored 30 + points, and went up to him after the game and said, “You were the one who was yelling at peyton, you know what teaching is, welcome to NBA, kid!On one occasion, Miller was encouraged by his teammates to trash talk Jordan, who had scored only 4 points in the first half. After Jordan scored 40 points in the second half to win the game, Jordan came to Miller and shouted to him, “Please watch your attitude when you talk to black Jesus!”Another time, Jordan dunked over a small Utah man, only to be mocked by the Jazz for saying he could only dunk over a small man.Not long after, Jordan dunked on opposing center MEL Turpin — was that big enough?2. Larry Bird — Well, have you discussed it?Larry Bird is the granddad of NBA trash talk, which is hardly fitting for his polite appearance, and that time he repeated his score comparison to Dr. J’s and got his ass kicked.Compared to Michael Jordan, a no-nonsense, no-nonsense god who prefers to hit opponents with his strength, he talks a lot more, and he can do everything he blows, not just physical attacks, but also magic attacks, which is a double whammy that is not acceptable to most people.As the granddaddy of trash talk, Bird’s classic trash talk is so numerous that he once told the Mavs’ bench, “You know what I mean?I’m going to stand right here, they’re going to pass the ball to me, and the next thing you hear is the basketball rubbing against the nets!”It wasn’t long before Bird made his vaunted bull a reality and winked toward the Mavs’ bench.When the offense was going well, he would keep looking around and saying, “Who’s guarding me?Do I have a guard?Is that you, poor wretch?””You better pray every time I take a shot, because that’s the only way you can play against me.”Coming to Chicago Stadium in 1988 to defend his back-to-back three-point contest titles, bird looked around the locker room, then made good on his trash talk and won the three-point contest for the third straight year.Perhaps the most classic, “I’m going to kill you right here!”During the Greens-Washington Bullets game, Bird pointed to a spot after a timeout and told his defender that he was there for the kill.In addition to trash talk with opponents, Byrd also told teammates – McHale green celtics history score record of 56 points, wild celebrations in the dressing room, Byrd disdain, said: “you can get team history records not predecessors, is their disdain the record, and I didn’t get 60 + not because I don’t think I can do it, but not necessary.”McHale thought Byrd was bluffing and retorted, “Well, you can get a 60+.”Four days later, bird scored 60 points against Atlanta and then sat out the game.1. Tim Duncan — Indestructible You may think Duncan is too dumb to talk trash, but is it useful to talk trash to him?Don’t try to provoke him. He’s a master of psychology. There’s nothing you can do about him.Maybe bird bird is the best trash talker, but if he met Duncan, do you think his trash talk would be useful?Well, Byrd doesn’t want to get burned knowing he’s gonna get burned.When it comes to talking trash, KG and Draymond Green would be the top candidates. While KG thinks Duncan is the number one trash talker, Draymond green said he wouldn’t dare to insult Duncan because it would be a recipe for disaster.”After you miss, he’ll say, ‘You almost missed, good shot, missed,'” Garnett said. “He never swears, but when I try to go after you and trash talk, he just ignores you and scores on you. It drives me crazy!”As a master of psychology, Duncan is not likely to be affected by the opponent’s trash talk. KG knows this, and he also says that few people talk trash to Duncan. Everyone knows it doesn’t work and it distracts them……”The future is yours” doesn’t seem like a comforting statement to James now.This is “Stone Buddha” Duncan, concise forever stable, while you racking your brains to spray him, he has already unwittingly cut a double 20, and then left with a victory, sometimes evil smile to you, leave a brief sentence, later realized that he was so bad.