In many ways, leaders of many countries wished the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games a complete success

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Beijing, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) –Many state leaders and heads of international organizations also sent messages and letters to Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of China, or through other means to congratulate the Chinese people on a happy Spring Festival and wish the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games a complete success.Russian President Vladimir Putin extended his New Year greetings to the Chinese people in the Year of the Tiger, saying that the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics is the most important international event. China has accumulated rich experience in the perfect organization of representative international events and believes that China will host this world sports event at the highest level.He is looking forward to visiting China and attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.General secretary Kim jong UN, state of the workers’ party of Korea, said the Beijing Olympics is the communist party of China and the Chinese people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to the second goal in one hundred into one of the most important years of the new campaign is a great thing, is under the background of an unprecedented severe epidemic and a huge victory.This proves that the Chinese people are firmly united around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core and are resolute in moving forward, and that no difficulty or challenge can stand in the way.The Beijing Winter Olympics is a celebration of athletes and people from all over the world who yearn for peace, friendship and unity.We firmly believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a simple, safe and splendid Olympic Games and a glorious page in the history of international sports.Mongolian President Khurzl Sukh said the Games are a symbol of human unity.He expressed confidence that the Chinese government and people will overcome the impact of COVID-19 and usher in the New Year with fruitful results by successfully hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics.Kazakh President Tokayev expressed warm congratulations on the grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and sincere wishes for China to scale new heights and achieve new victories along the road of realizing the Chinese Dream.Kazakhstan’s first President Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed his sincere wishes for the full success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and believed that the event would become a major historic event and highlight the huge potential of China.Czech President Milos Zeman expressed his wish that all Chinese people will be full of strength and courage in the New Year and achieve all the goals smoothly.I wish the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, the world’s biggest sporting event, a complete success.Iranian President Ahmet Leahy expressed confidence that the world will witness the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.I wish the Chinese people happiness, health and prosperity.Argentine President Fernandez extended her New Year wishes to the Chinese people, saying that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a world sports event of great importance to the world and is conducive to the development of winter sports.He was honored to be a part of it.Indonesian President zonko, tajik President emomali rakhmon, maldives President ali abdullah saleh, king jigme singye wangchuck of Bhutan’s fourth world, the fifth king jigme singye wangchuck, Egyptian President ceci, Jordan’s king abdullah ii, king hamad of bahrain, Tunisia’s saeed, south Sudan’s President salva kiir, Saudi crown prince Mohammed, bahrain’s crown prince salman, Senegal’s President and prime ministerSaller, comoros President aza, seychelles President Mr Kara flourish, gabonese President bongo, the central African President tuva, somalia’s President, muhammad, ivory coast President Della his library o, Ghana’s President fu neck-and-neck barrow, sierra leone, Gambia President President than Mr Schmidt, Burundi’s President of Iraq “, the President of Croatia mira Norwich, Bulgaria President vladimir radmanovic, Montenegro President he, members of the presidium of the bosnian serb dick, Brazil’s President, Mr. Luo, Ecuador’s President, Mr President, President Dominic Dominican, suriname, single edge, governor Smith, the Bahamas, antigua and barbuda governor Williams, Nepal’s prime minister, deuba, Armenian prime minister pashtun Yang, Barbados prime minister motley, prime minister dominiqueCarey, prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago raleigh, Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, mara, the cook islands, prime minister brown, Fiji’s acting prime minister sea um, director-general of the wto’s villa, chairman of the international federation of Red Cross and red crescent roca also through a variety of ways, such as happy Chinese New Year, wish the Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games a complete success!