Foping County Shidun river town: town and village cadres “do not close” stick to the post show responsibility

2022-05-06 0 By

The annual Spring Festival is a time for thousands of families to get together. When everyone is immersed in a strong festive atmosphere, all the cadres in Shidun River Town, Foping County, still stick to their posts, working hard to run in the fields and farmers’ homes, with the interpretation of responsibility and responsibility.On the afternoon of February 2, 2022, the Party and government of Shidunhe Town convened the town and village cadres meeting in time.Promptly conveyed the spirit of the video conference on epidemic prevention and control in Hanzhong, implemented the speech requirements of CPC Party Secretary Zhong Hongjiang and Mayor Zhang Ye, and implemented the work of CPC County Party Secretary Li Zhigang on epidemic prevention and control, post-poverty alleviation assessment and work safety during the Spring Festival to ensure that work is not interrupted and responsibilities are not missing.For traffic during the Spring Festival is bigger, a returning home for one more situation, actively mobilize returning back to the dragon temple village, the college students volunteered to normalized epidemic prevention and control work, in-depth schiscosomiasis farmers door-to-door, the registration work, on-site inspections of the rural workers from the other cities health code, code and guide them to a hospital doing nucleic acid testing in accordance with the relevant requirements.Uproot Lin Wan yuwang Yu De sen said: “we while Lin Wan village two committee members, the full stick to on-the-job during Spring Festival, while completes the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, the positive as to understand the production and living conditions of the masses, to promote the epidemic prevention and control electricity with fire safety knowledge, such as efforts to create a safe and peaceful festive atmosphere for the masses.”In recent years, the villages of Shidun river town in the village help, a humble immigrant town has developed gastrodia elata, poring, gold, Traditional Chinese medicine, folk customs and other industries, rural revitalization kinetic energy effectively stimulate, the village village appearance takes on a new look.The people have led a good life, and their living conditions and quality of life have markedly improved.New roads stone river village villagers LeiZhaoBing lichuan groove group: “it’s good to the party’s policies, farmers to the road now, production of the road in repair, also install the tap water, the infrastructure is better, thanks to the cadre of county-rural cadres and support, we thank them very much, and wish them good health and smooth work, happy New Year.”During the Spring Festival, all the party members and cadres in Shidunhe Town stick to their posts at the grass-roots level and are busy in epidemic prevention and control, production safety, poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. They want to work together with the masses, solve problems for the masses, and make suggestions for development.At the same time, also actively carry out sympathy to send warm activities during the festival, the warmth of the party and the government to the masses, so that the masses spend a happy, peaceful, festive Spring Festival.Edited by fan Jing, Edited by Zheng Libo, edited by Yao Qiming