The top 20 list is here!

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Shang jing | a list of top 20 list come!At present, most CPPCC organs have created wechat public accounts to build a communication platform between CPPCC organs, CPPCC members and the masses, which reflects the status quo of local CPPCC information construction and news publicity from one side.Through the large data system, we have # WeChat public platforms have certification unit of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) system, a total of more than 1200 WeChat public information collection and data analysis, from the comprehensive influence index (X) and the propagation force index (C) number two aspects including reading, watching, post number, release frequency and theory coverage weighted statistical analysis in five dimensions,The final ranking was obtained by calculating the “WECHAT Public Trumpeting Volume Index model of the CPPCC”, which was studied by the CPPCC Network. Now the top 20 are published.This issue of the CPPCC system wechat public number list compared with the previous list, the new list of the top 10 are Shandong CPPCC, Jiangxi CPPCC, this issue of the new list of 10 to 20 are the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region CPPCC, Beijing CPPCC, Hubei CPPCC, Tianjin CPPCC, Zhongshan CPPCC.Attached: THE CPPCC wechat public voice volume index algorithm description X: comprehensive influence index.C: Index of communication power of official account.Comprehensive influence index X, mainly for the evaluation period all total article reading, watching, thumb up period, the number of published articles and the total ratio analysis, also include the average daily reading number, average daily in the number, the number of average daily thumb up, the average number of reading, the average number of watching, average number of thumb up, and the highest reading several articles of influence analysis,Weighted statistics to obtain the final public number influence score.Index C of the communication power of the official account is to make more comprehensive statistics on the transmission of news reports, including the number of articles published and the theoretical coverage rate of the wechat official account.Data production: Sui Guolong, Xiao Changming, Design: Zhao Qingqing, Editor: Xue Jing, Review: Zhou Jiajia