The eldest brother

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January 25, 2022, the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, commonly known as “Xiao Nian” in north China, is an important and beautiful day, marking the coming of the New Year, which means that many beautiful things will be opened…When I opened my wechat moments at around 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, I saw a screenshot of my niece Bai Xue’s wechat moments and a sentence — “This has become the last birthday wishes, and there will be no more, dad, have a nice trip!”Isn’t Snow White’s father the elder brother of Teacher Sun?Then carefully identify the wechat picture inside the wechat profile picture — it is the eldest brother who has been busy doing clothing business.What, big brother gone?My brain was buzzing, my heart was racing, my breathing was getting a little hard, this is not true?No way, no way!The eldest brother is in his early 60s and strong. He just came to Wuxi two months ago on behalf of his relatives from Bengbu to attend the funeral of his third aunt. Everything looks fine, how could he leave?I picked up my mobile phone and called my niece for the first time. Bai Xue’s voice came from the receiver, saying that her father had died and that her cousin Bai Ou had called her to inform her. At that time, she was on her way to Bengbu from Hefei and had not arrived home yet.Mr. Sun’s eldest brother named Bai Jian, born on October 20, 1959, is a pig, he is medium build, grow very strong, chubby face hanging smile all the year round, a smile, two eyes narrowed into a crack, is a particularly simple and kind of middle-aged.Despite a mouth eldest brother is a do not have lasting appeal of bengbu, but he is actually a standard standard jiangnan from wuxi, eldest brother had been in wuxi harbor ziyingdian Guo west zhuang my grandma’s was born and raised, has played in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea back his father is in the northeast of the army as a soldier, mother with a young he live waipojia, 1963,His mother went to join the army. He already had a younger brother, so she left him at home and took the younger brother to join the army.From then on, he stayed in his grandmother’s house in Wuxi. It was not until the early 1970s when his parents transferred from the army and settled down in Bengbu that he left Wuxi to study in Bengbu.Although he lived far away from his parents, he did not lack love in his childhood. There was only a gap of nine years between him and his uncle, who was the youngest.In those days, the elderly grandmother was full of love and care for the eldest grandson of the eldest daughter, and his Cousins, who were similar in age to the eldest brother, surrounded and accompanied him to make up for the absence of his parents.Grew up in wuxi. As a result, the eldest brother feelings towards their hometown wuxi special deep, four aunt living in wuxi, an uncle’s, is he miss man, li ying, overwhelmed with, Huang Qiang, HuiPing, Sun Hong cousin, cousin’s name he often talk about, he is bengbu several siblings in wuxi home run up a, what is the big and small issues, every timeEldest brother often comes to attend as a “messenger of affection”.At the same time, he is also a “.”Beauty messenger”, because he has been doing clothing business for years, he also undertakes the supply of new clothes and trousers for all aunts. Every time we go to Bengbu, he will also prepare all kinds of clothes for us, including skirts and short sleeves in summer, sweaters, coats and cotton-padded jackets in winter…Everything.Sometimes he also carefully prepared clothes for my parents, absolutely thoughtful.Last summer, he went to Tongxiang replenish stock, saw silk clothing, but also specially brought me a violet middle sleeve silk shirt, at that time I have a little tired of it old-fashioned, now look, that is the most beautiful color.Also because of the clothing business, a few years ago, brother to our home more opportunities than before.In order to reduce eldest brother’s hard work and fatigue in purchasing clothes, we invited eldest brother to come to our home first when he came to Purchase clothes in Changshu. After having dinner and staying in our home for one night, we would drive him to Changshu the next morning.Once, after the elder brother’s visit, I left the big bed to the two of them, and they seemed to talk half the night. After all, they are brothers and sisters, and silent people talk a lot.After this operation for several times, probably for fear of adding trouble to us, eldest brother sometimes or take the purchase of the car directly to purchase, into the goods free to come to us for a night, to reduce our rush.In the recent year, he came to Wuxi several times with someone or had other arrangements, so I arranged a hotel for him instead of our home. Although the accommodation conditions in the hotel are definitely better than home, I still feel that he lacks some warmth at home.Eldest brother is a kind person, he works steadfaily, treats people kindly, seldom sees him argue with others, red face.He has been engaged in the clothing business for many years and has made friends all over the country. We have never heard him say anything bad about anyone. However, when his old father died or something happened to his friends, he often consulted me and asked me to help him edit some greeting phrases and send messages of sorrow, which was very warm.When we go to Bengbu, our elder brother often invites us to have beef soup, hot pot or buy all kinds of delicious food to cook for us at home.When he came to our home in Wuxi several times, he would go to the market to buy food without any AIRS and cook for us.Eldest brother filial piety old love relatives, over 90 years of parents and prime of life daughter Bai Xue, son-in-law xiao Wu and granddaughter Duo Duo care and have a home.In order to take care of his parents in their 90s, he not only cooks with his younger brother every day, but also moves his bed to the room next to the old woman’s house and lives with his parents for a long time.At ordinary times, whenever I talk about my daughter, son-in-law and children, a smile spreads on my face, and my words become gentle and affectionate.Unfortunately, in the joy of the “little year” this day, brother suddenly died of heart attack, leaving a lot of irreparable pain and crack.Today, we say goodbye to him in tears. May brother enjoy a wonderful life in heaven!May he no longer suffer from illness, may he have lovers to accompany him, may he come and go as he pleases, may he be able to protect all the people he cares about and cares about!