PEL comprehensive regionalization started, TT e-sports owned by Quwan Group completed “Dual Team regional title”

2022-05-05 0 By

The 2022 Peace Elite Professional League (PEL) Spring Tournament began recently.Unlike previous seasons, PEL officials made a big announcement before the start of the new season: all 21 clubs in the league have been fully regionalised.Among them, TT e-sports TT peace elite branch announced the landing of “Yang City” Guangzhou, and renamed “Guangzhou TT peace elite branch”, the new season.(guangzhou TT peace elite division team members), TT e-sports belonging to boring pill group, was founded in 2019, currently has TT hero league branch, guangzhou TTG king glory clan, TT TT hero alliance mobile game division and guangzhou peace elite division four team, is the only one with four south China top professional league club.Among them, Guangzhou TTG King of Glory team as early as 2020, will be home ground in Guangzhou.The guangzhou TT peace elite branch landing “Yangcheng”, also means TT e-sports become the first guangzhou team to achieve the regional title of the club.”2021 Guangdong E-sports Industry Development Report” shows that in 2021 guangdong e-sports industry revenue reached 123.63 billion yuan, the first in China, accounting for 73.6%, the e-sports culture atmosphere is strong.Taking double Team landing in Guangzhou as an opportunity, Quwan Group will not only promote the high-quality development of E-sports industry in Guangzhou, but also assume more social responsibilities and deliver more positive energy of e-sports to the new generation of young people.Quwan group officials said that based on the geographical advantages of Guangzhou, will continue to help create “the most sports, the most Guangzhou” esports business card.As early as 2019, Quwan Group, together with China University E-Sports League and Tencent King Rongyao, jointly held the TT Voice mobile Game E-Sports Festival King Guangdong University League, integrating the professional system into popular competitions and building a bridge to professional games for e-sports fans in Guangzhou.Last October, electronic athletic association of guangdong province, guangzhou, guangzhou institute of physical education interest pill network technology co., LTD., the three parties signed strategic cooperation agreement “e-sports education industry”, formed a large bay area within the industry and the union first e-sports talent training base, e-sports all kinds of professional personnel training as the core, to build the south esports compound talent training platform.In March 2022, Quwan Group announced that Diandudu will become the annual partner of Guangzhou TTG King of Glory Team. It will use offline themed stores and other cooperative activities to attract more young people to understand and try the local “tea drinking culture” and the emerging “e-sports culture” in Guangzhou, so that the public can see a new solution to the regional e-sports.The person in charge of Quwan Group said that with the landing of TT Peace Elite branch as a new starting point, the company will continue to base itself on the regional advantages of Guangzhou and help guangzhou form e-sports industry community and inject new development vitality into the city while sticking to more users through local cultural construction.