Majang procuratorate: to help the masses solve the anxious matter

2022-05-05 0 By

Huaihua news network “now the guarantee is fixed, our heart this stone also fell to the ground, thanks to the prosecutor to help a lot.”Recently, living in Mayang huang Sang rural army tian village five groups of Old Zheng to return the visit to the prosecutors gratefully said.Zheng fangzao, 75, is a veteran who once served as the party secretary of Juntian Village.In 2021, a multi-day rainstorm caused the roadside slope of The Fifth Group of Huangdagong road in Juntian Village, Huangsang, to collapse in front of Lao Zheng’s house, causing serious harm to his house.Old Zheng party spirit concept is strong, honest, although the safety of the house is threatened, but he has been sticking to a principle, “not petition, not overstep, do not cause trouble”, only the problem to the village and the township reflect.In October 2021, the first meeting of the eighth People’s Congress of Mayang was held. Zheng Xiu, a deputy to the People’s Congress of this county and secretary of the Party branch of Juntian Village of Huangsang Township, brought this issue to the meeting when he attended the group discussion of the meeting, hoping to attract the attention of superior leaders and relevant departments through appeals.This was noted down in a notebook by the prosecutor who was present at the meeting.After the meeting, the public interest litigation department of the hospital immediately launched an investigation into the situation.According to the investigation, there has been a dispute between the construction party and the owner about the construction of huangda Highway in front of the old Zheng house.In July 2021, when a rainstorm came down, the slope collapsed, and the safety of Lao Zheng’s houses bore the brunt. Some of the collapsed earth and stones piled up on the road surface, which also brought some hidden dangers to road safety.After handling a case personnel is collecting good evidence, send out social management kind of procuratorial proposal to relevant administrative organ in time, urge its undertake repair to highway slope, increase daily patrol to highway at the same time.After receiving the procuratorial suggestion, the administrative authority attached great importance to it, immediately investigated the site, made the construction design drawing, and contacted the construction team to repair the barrier within a week, ensuring the safety of the highway slope.(YuJie)