In 1981, the teacher gave the student 20 yuan to buy cotton shoes. 26 years later, the student spent 100,000 yuan to buy a house for the teacher

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Wuchuan county slowly rising sun, young leaves flashing bright dew.The afterglow of the morning sun fell on her graceful waist, and the chalk that slid down slowly seemed to indicate the rest of her spring, summer, autumn and winter.She is the glorious people’s teacher, Zhang Xiurong.She is ordinary and great, still concerned about whether many children can realize their dreams.Time has kissed a flower on her forehead, but the original heart is still there, and the students are still scattered all over the world.Chen Zhide is one of them.”Hsinchu is higher than the old bamboo branches, and it is supported by the old cadres.”Teachers all over the world, since ancient times Chinese children the heaviest respect teachers, grateful to the way is numerous.Unluckily Chen Zhide has a unique style, buy a suite directly for the teacher, in order to repay.This means is rare, immediately the audience attention, seize the headlines.After graduation, Zhang xiurong returned to her Alma mater to teach.The stage for her to regain her dream is the First Primary School in Huhe Haote Wuchuan County, Inner Mongolia, which has both primary and junior high schools.Zhang has been a math teacher in the junior high school of the school since 1973.In September 1978, she was appointed as the second grade math teacher and head teacher.In this way, the fate of the red rope led together.There are 50 children in the class, all innocent and kind.They looked out of the window into the white sky, each with dreams and aspirations.Getting out of the mountains is their only choice to change their fate.Chen Zhide is the most eye-catching among the 50 children.Covered with patches, leaky shoes, dark face mixed with a touch of red, white textbooks and writing hands, looked up at Zhang Xiurong’s clear big eyes, as if affecting her heart.Although there is no gorgeous clothes, but studious temperament, imprinted on the heart of Teacher Zhang.Chen Zhide fearless eyes interwoven with Zhang Xiurong’s loving moves.When they first met, they both saw a ray of hope.”Good Teacher Zhang” is the children’s longing for the outside world of the mountain;”Hello, my classmates” is the teacher’s firm oath to push the children to the spring they yearn for.Zhang Xiurong, the head teacher at the beginning, is filled with enthusiasm.But the teacher in charge of the position, not just management classroom so simple, students are in the scope of responsibility.Zhang, who is in her 30s, could not easily give up.Since the honorably named teacher Zhang, “roll up your sleeves and work hard” is right.She knew the power of knowledge is infinite. Facing these 50 children, Ms. Zhang secretly made up her mind, “I will help you out of the mountain.”Preparing, grinding and observing lessons became her daily routine.Brush, solve, draw inferential conclusions, incarnated as the knowledge of her and students;Roll call, leave, home visits, heart-to-heart, she and students are good teachers and helpful friends.She knew that 45 minutes in class alone would not be enough.She knows that the high school entrance examination is a crucial turning point in children’s lives.She also knows that few students can afford the high cost of make-up lessons.In this way, she set up the “6:30 school” for free.After school at 6:30, Zhang leaves them in the classroom to do their homework and gives up the rest time to answer their questions.She studied the exam questions day and night, tried to practice every little point, afraid to tell the students not clear, probably her little lamp has never been put out.Over and over again, the core formula;Over and over again, explaining the key question types;Show me how to do it hand in hand.Make up lessons, finally highlight its results;The children’s progress, Miss Zhang see in the eyes, sweet in the heart.Free make-up lessons is a measure, learn knowledge is the original intention.Zhang Xiurong knew she was just a passer-by who met her children halfway.But her heart told her that she must do her best to give the children enough tenderness and courage, even if the wind and rain fell on her.In a twinkling of an eye, the second year of middle school courses draw a successful end, into the relaxed holiday.Desperately to recover this tough bud slowly ushered in, the first lesson of junior three.As usual, counting the student roll was the first order of business.”Chen Zhide, Chen Zhide, Chen Zhide?Why isn’t he at school?”Zhang Xiurong quietly asked the students if they knew about Chen Zhide’s situation, and the audience shook their heads.Zhang Xiu-rong in order not to fall behind other students of the course, under the name of Chen Zhide drew a deep line, then packed up the roster, continue to class.After finishing the class, Zhang Xiurong went straight to Chen Zhide’s home on the old bicycle without stopping.Distance wuchuan county 5 miles of Yin Jiagou village is where Chen Zhide lives.Chen Zhide’s sister opened the door, her face flushed by the wind and dressed like a boy’s.Dilapidated mud houses with broken Windows, their plastic sheets dangling in the wind, are messy but orderly.Chen Zhide’s parents are on the kang, and Chen Zhide is squatting on the ground with his head down.”My child didn’t go to school today. I came to ask about it,” Zhang asked.Chen Zhide’s father opened the mouth first: “Teacher Zhang, my family situation you have seen, is really can’t afford”.Then he sighed.Chang looked around at the six children in the room and then at the woman who was coughing on the bed.Indeed Chen Zhide home poor, can have a class when Chen Zhide tough eyes, always emerge in front of.”You can’t be poor. Education!Chen Fu.Besides, I believe Chen Zhide must be a good seed.”Yes, knowledge is the only way a poor boy can change his fate.Only by crossing the mountains can we appreciate the wonderful world outside and return home to help more people get rid of poverty.Zhang Xiurong to save, eventually make Chen Zhide returned to the campus.In fact, Chen Zhide’s parents also believe that he will do this, but the financial pressure in the family, had to let him terminate his studies.May also be zhang Xiurong’s affirmation of him, let Chen Zhide’s parents wavered.That’s it. Roll call the next day.Chen Zhide’s “arrive” echoed throughout the campus.Zhang xiurong knows that she cannot accompany the students to pace the whole journey, she just wants to try her best to complete this section of the splendid future.Miss Zhang is also a flower girl before, now in a hurry to middle age, became a teacher, and support the children’s day.Chen Zhide knew that the peace of sitting at the desk was hard won, so he would have to bite his teeth and fight.He is now more diligent than ever.Nervous junior three time, from the fingertips sneak away.Chen Zhide also ushered in the dawn of his victory.Chen Zhide lived up to expectations and was admitted to a key high school in Wuchuan County.The sun was shining on the first day of school.Chen zhide’s parents, who needed to make a living, could not leave to see him off in person.Accompanying Chen Zhide reporting is Zhang Xiurong, warm wind on her face, sunshine on her silvery hair, engraved with two people waving goodbye, smiling blessing.Just enter the campus a few short months of scenery, Chen Zhide home then spread bad news.Her mother, unable to be helped, passed away peacefully.When Chen Zhide heard this, he was devastated and helpless. He had to grasp the straw of “study”.The change in the home, did not kill Chen Zhide aspirant heart.On the contrary, a fire burns in my heart.On weekends, Chen zhide returned home to help his father irrigate the soil, harvest crops and go to the market to exchange money for subsidies.Also do not forget to zhang Xiurong personally sent to grow vegetables and grains, a teacher and student love, life is unforgettable.Do farm work at the same time, also do not forget to mumble to carry knowledge.At night, he sat outside and burned the midnight oil.From beginning to end, week to week.In the summer of 1982, he finally won the gold medal.The hot sun shone on the boy who was doing farm work in the field, dazzling and shining.Chen Zhide excitedly ran to Zhang Xiurong’s home, did not say a word, just shaking the admission notice – Changchun Institute of Geology.Zhang Xiurong’s hand has been coated by years, making it hard to see the veins of her palm lines.Holding the admission letter tightly, his mouth kept cheering.”I said, you must be a good child!”.The light of the setting sun was now falling on their tight backs.The wind that day sent warmth back to the day he went back to school years ago.The cost of college is still a problem for Chen zhide.But he didn’t give up, insisting on doing summer jobs for two months to earn his tuition fees, and working part-time to earn his living expenses after school.But the joke of destiny always comes quietly attack, Chen Zhide just entered a big one, encounter misfortune in the home again.His father had also died, and he had no close relatives to rely on.Instantly, Chen Zhide’s spiritual pillar collapses suddenly, the spiritual blow lets him walk into mist.A phone call, it can be said is his redemption Zhang Xiurong to understand the changes in Chen Zhide’s home, immediately called him.Zhang Xiurong’s considerate greeting brought him a little comfort.”Miss Zhang, my home is gone.””Silly boy, my home is your home.”On the phone, Miss Zhang again soothes Chen Zhide’s injured heart, becoming a round of warm Yang in the harsh winter.Seems to be this piece of broken words, revitalized Chen Zhide’s determination.Pressing the speed button on learning, he believed that knowledge was power.Small telephone, with the telephone line to transmit the love of the world.Small words, together but can reflect infinite power.My home is your home, which is a great comfort to this strong young man.Perhaps, Zhang Xiurong already regarded Chen Zhide as his own child, from desperately to save him from the beginning, always thinking about protecting him.Spring to winter, changchun winter wind, always come more violent.Zhang xiurong heard that changchun is more than 10 degrees below zero during the day, let alone at night.At the thought of Chen Zhide’s patched clothes and leaky shoes, she was anxious, wondering whether he was cold alone in Changchun.She resolutely, with that 37 yuan salary, Chen Zhide bought a pair of cotton shoes.Cotton shoes, 20 yuan, is a lot of money for Zhang Xiurong.But she didn’t blink. She just bought it.The next day after buying the shoes, she waited at the door of the post office early and mailed the cotton shoes to Changchun.Because before did not say hello in advance, Chen Zhide received the postman’s message is still a little at a loss.Holding this pair of cotton shoes, his tears a strength in the eyes of the spin, a cold wind blowing, can not stop the outflow.He knew the cotton-padded shoes were miss Zhang’s concern for him, but he was really reluctant to wear them.He put the cotton shoes to the bottom of the cabinet, the kindness of Teacher Zhang carved in the heart.In the storm of his life, even though he shuttled back and forth countless times, Chang was like his mother, always sending endless love and providing him with a guarantee.Four spring and autumn, flash away.Chen zhide lived up to expectations and was admitted to daqing Petroleum Research Institute as a postgraduate. He did not start working until he graduated with his PhD in 2003.In a flash, Zhang xiurong ushered in her 60th birthday, and this time her students organized a spontaneous event for her.But Chen Zhide has official business in the body, did not come to celebrate.A phone call, sent Chen Zhide birthday wishes.”Happy birthday, Zhang Ma!How are you now?Is everything okay at our house?Is the house still leaking?””Good, good!In health and at home!Nothing happened to the house, nothing significant.”Zhang Xiurong laughs heartily, she feels very gratified to Chen Zhide, do not want to let him worry too much.On the other end of the phone, careful Chen Zhide noticed the pause in the teacher’s words and secretly made a decision.After a period of time, Chen Zhide returned to his long-missed hometown.The child has already crossed the shoulders of Zhang Xiurong, once again embrace zhang Ma’s arms.This time there was no hot sun, only warm spring.This time, instead of an admission letter, I delivered a room book with Zhang Xiurong’s three characters.”Come on, I’ll take you to your new home.”Chen Zhide smiled, tears welling up in his eyes.He knew that if he gave Zhang 100,000 yuan in cash directly, she would not accept it.But Zhang xiurong is getting older, the old house is small and narrow, the layout of the room is very inconvenient.After meditating hard, decide oneself advocate for teacher zhang replacement set bridal chamber.Ask a friend around the house, personally inspect, and finally determine the next 70 flat building.Chang could not repay his kindness, but it was always right to do one’s part.Mr. And Mrs. Zhang smiled from the bungalow into the building, Chen Zhide is also kua endless words.Chen Zhide, holding Cheung siu-wing’s arm, sat on the sofa, reminiscing.At this moment, Chen Zhide was like a carefree teenager, snuggling up to Miss Zhang with a happy smile.Spring and autumn events, not worth mentioning.It is worth mentioning the original person, especially the bole who changed your fate.If zhang Xiurong had not personally persuaded, the young may be shuttling in the mud, running things for a living.If Chen Zhide had not worked hard, maybe this excellent teacher would have wasted his breath.Perhaps, Chen Zhide to miss Zhang’s delivery of the light of hope, just be accepted.Returning to that small campus, the leaves beside the school fade year after year, Zhang Xiurong is willing to stay and guide other students to their “spring”.In this world, there must be great educators like Zhang Xiurong, silently devoting their lives at the grassroots level.Among them, “burning lamp principal” Zhang Guimei is worth paying tribute to, for her from young youth to 60 years of perseverance and moved.She has devoted her best youth to the education in the mountainous area. She is like a lighthouse, inspiring more educators to stick to their original aspiration and enlighten others on the road of building their dreams.I raise you old, not just casually about the years of scratches gradually appear, Zhang Xiurong also arrived but years of love.Gradually, the body is not as healthy as in the past, legs and feet are not as flexible as in the past, blood pressure also began to become high, often need to rely on antihypertensive medicine to relieve.At that time, antihypertensive drugs were expensive and not affordable for any family.Chen Zhide that Teacher Zhang’s physical condition, the first time back to Wuchuan County, with a difficult to buy antihypertensive medicine, and a buy is a few boxes.”This medicine is so expensive, don’t buy it for me next time, you hear me?”.Yes, this is a afraid of the heart of the children, only wish the children have a good heart.”It’s all right, Ma Zhang.If you hadn’t insisted that I study, I wouldn’t have earned so much.I should spend money on you. Without you, I would not be here today.”.Zhang Ma tears, holding Chen Zhide’s hand tightly not loose.”Grow up, grow up!”Chang Xiu-rong mumbled.The children grow from youth to middle age, but in the eyes of their teachers, they are still the same innocent children.It was getting dark, and there was a round table with Mr. Zhang and his family, and of course Chen Zhide.The hot pot smoke filled the 70-square-meter building, laughing and recalling.”Teacher, impart knowledge and solve doubts”.What is taught is not only knowledge, but also love and values, as well as a compass for children to set sail.