Bo people spread 235 sets revealed plot, sneak into the enemy camp, rescue water country, bo people together with the new endure knife seven people

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Japanese anime Naruto “Hirohito” animation into the “Land of Water”, is an original animation story, and the main plot has not much to do with the main plot, has been updated for two episodes.Overall, compared with the previous original plot, the plot is not too bad, the plot is not “water”, the rules, this period to chat about the bo people spread 235 sets revealed plot.Whirlpool bo a group of people participated in the village of fog hidden power generation system ceremony, because the power generation system on the sea, we need to go to watch by airship.However, soon after the first airship took off, something went wrong.There are many business people on the airship, as well as the son of sanshui in charge, everyone lost their lives, this incident has a great impact on the country of water.Six generations of water shadow long Ten lang hurriedly arranged guards to protect sanshui, and called ninja, a group of people on the fire of the airship using the escape.The fire was extinguished, but the airship was empty.In addition, the third month, Uzhi wave zuo Liangna, Sichuan wood and far wild fang help is also at the scene, fortunately, did not board the airship.Even so, Mr. Enano was affected and injured, but not seriously.At this time of the vortex bo people are not at the scene, and in the prison of the village of fog hidden, with good friends of the god of wolfberry music.But two people experienced the “boat family” attack fog hidden village prison events, bo vortex and wolfberry kagura can not stop the enemy, “boat family” chief of the boat wild sea, was saved by his son, the boat wild sea son with two helpers.Although two men fighting, but two people with special abilities, one of the people’s perception is a ninja, through suiton, control the flow of water, can perceive boat household waste in the sea cell, another man’s ability to drain the body of water, used to supply the boat wild sea, the boat household waste after dry body absorb moisture, recover soon.The title of Boren 235 is “Diving into Nutao Island”, and it will be updated on February 6, 2022.After fleeing back to their own territory, the Zhouto Arakai began to attack the eastern islands of the Water kingdom, and soon captured several islands, doing all kinds of bad things.Six generations of water shadow long Ten Lang lost contact with the front, just know their own bait, urgent need to form a survey team, to nutao Island.Wolfberry Kagura volunteered, long Juro double knife flounder to wolfberry Kagura.Arakai’s son has powerful weapons, the wolfberry Kagura with double knife flounder should be able to fight arakai’s son.Medlar orange kagura with a helper, in addition to Yu Zhibo zuo Liangna, third month, sichuan wood and the vortex of bo people, there are snake berry, flute blowing giant peak and black hoe light, are some of the personality of different people.The audience was surprised, because the three were villains in the previous plot, and there was the possibility of mutiny.In addition, the fifth team of Lei Men electric and others, also in one of the islands, they can join forces against the enemy.Ok, that’s all for this issue. If you have different views, please leave a comment below. If you want to see more wonderful animation analysis, please remember to like me!